Spotlight & Giveaway: HIT THE BILLIONAIRE JACKPOT by Nana Malone and Misty Evans

So Many Reads is happy to be a stop along the Hit The Billionaire Jackpot blog tour this week! If you like contemporary romance you should give this fun series a try. You can read a little about the book below and enter to win a gift card.

About the Book


28929536Title: Hit the Billionaire Jackpot

Authors:  Nana Malone & Misty Evans

Release Date: February 8, 2016

Category: Contemporary Romance

Buy Links: Amazon / iBooks / Kobo / Barnes & Noble

Book Summary:

As the new president of the 3 Wishes Foundation, Jenna McIntyre gets to make dreams come true for kids with disabilities. Once in awhile, she gets to make her own dreams come true as well. Like meeting her teenage crush, pop star Hawke Thorn, whose angsty songs helped her recover from a hit-and-run accident ten years ago and who is now one of the nominees for the 3 Wishes Donor of the Year event in Las Vegas. Jenna’s based her “ideal man” checklist on Hawke and now has the chance of a lifetime to actually land Hawke himself. But catching Hawke’s eye requires the romantically-challenged Jenna to seek love lessons from the other nominee—sexy, opinionated, billionaire playboy Jacob Swinton.

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Review: REV IT UP by Julie Ann Walker

I wasn’t so sure about Rev It Up by Julie Ann Walker when I started reading it. Once I got past the prologue the feel was just a little different than the first two and I liked those so I was unsure about it. I worried a little that Michelle, the heroine was going to annoy me a bit with her narrations of why she should not be with Jake, the hero. However, it didn’t take long for the book to really take off and take me for quite a ride. Rev It Up indeed.

16035439Jake enters the story as simple as you can imagine. He shows up at the Knights shop and says he is there for Michelle. We get an “I love you” right away from this guy. What hero does that? Normally they are so confused about what they want and fight the love, but not in Rev It Up. The love is there. It’s Michelle that fights it. Okay, well then Jake fights it a little bit later. Walker adds in several twists and turns to her story and always seems to let her readers ride those out with the characters which is kinda cool. While I like to know everything all at once, a book is a journey to be lived out.

The adventures in Rev It Up are a little more intense than previous books in my opinion because we are in the head of the crazy villain Johnny when he does some very evil things. I had a tough time with those but when justice was served it was all that much better. Walker continues to put the characters we know and love into different and original situations.

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Review: IN RIDES TROUBLE by Julie Ann Walker

Can I just say I am loving the Black Knights series by Julie Ann Walker? The second book in the series, In Rides Trouble is tense and powerful and just freaking awesome. In this one, it isn’t so much the action that I loved but the palpable chemistry and verbal sparring between Frank and Becky. We watched their strained interactions in Hell on Wheels and watching the two of them come to terms with their love for one another is just as explosive as you would expect.

13088405Frank, aka “Boss” is several years older than Becky and the leader of the Black Knights, but it’s her shop that they use as their cover so there is already an interesting meshing of personalities. When we left the two of them in Hell on Wheels, Becky had wanted to become an operator with the rest of the crew but Frank was not having that (more so out of fear than his confidence in her abilities I suspect), so she up and left for some time away. Her time away ended up on a lovely boat with her best friend hijacked by pirates. Of course it was Frank and the Knights to her rescue. That was fun to watch.

Aside from the exciting action of the rescue and other danger that lurkes throughout the story, I was all in when reading about Frank and Becky. I love their back and forth play. I think Becky’s brother Bill said it best when he noticed their verbal sparring was a form of foreplay. That didn’t go over well with Frank when it was brought to his attention. Bottom line is Frank doesn’t think he can have Becky and she has no idea why.

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Review, Excerpt & Giveaway: FATAL TRUTH by Misty Evans

I am so excited to be sharing the news of a new release by Misty Evans! Fatal Truth, is the first book in Misty’s new Shadow Force International Series and it was amazing. I do like all of Misty’s books, but of course I like some more than others. This one is right up near the top of my favorites from her. Today you can read a review, an excerpt and enter to win a Gift Card and Rock Star Bracelet!

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FatalTruths600x900Fatal Truth by Misty Evans is a fast paced action packed story of an investigative reporter who has ticked off the president and finds her life in jeopardy as a result. Enter the scene Trace Hunter, a former Navy Seal, who Savannah exposed on one of her TV shows as a traitor and as a result he lands in jail. However, as in all good romantic suspense novels, he is released from prison for some unknown reason and ends up as Savannah’s body guard although she does not recognize him.

As the story evolves we start to learn that Savannah and Trace both have secrets they are keeping which have landed them in the situation in which they find themselves. An additional twist to the story results from a sister of Savannah’s who seems to play a major role in solving this mystery. I am glad this series will continue as the Shadow Force International group will have many stories to share that follow this same pattern of fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves.

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Review: BUTTERFLY COVE by Christina Skye

In Butterfly Cove by Christina Skye, Olivia Sullivan has just been fired from her architecture job in Seattle. Her life in disarray, Olivia returns home to Summer Island and to her friends who are like sisters to her. An errand to the local hardware store literally has her running into Deputy Sheriff Rafe Russo,  when they end up in a car wreck. Rafe, a Marine who served in Afghanistan,  is struggling on his new role. As a child, he was the bad boy of Summer Island, always in trouble and never expected to succeed in life. Olivia knows a different side of Rafe though. The side that she feel in love with in high school. Rafe doesn’t think he is good enough for Olivia. Can Olivia make him see the truth and find happiness?

17622934I  am really sad to be done with this series. All of the books were so well written. You know it’s a sign of a good series when you frantically search the Internet hoping the author decided to write just one more book.

The friendship between the four women is beautifully written. They all have separate lives but anytime one of them is in need,  they pull together to help out. They even give each other much needed kicks in the butt when things get stagnant.

The overall story line in this book is the classic bad boy from the wrong side of the town falling in love with the perfect good girl. Skye keeps the theme fresh with her own take on it. I loved how Rafe fought his attraction to Olivia and how she went after him, not caring what the busy bodies in town were saying.

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