Review: SWEET CURSE by Misty Evans

Kali Sweet is one incredible supernatural. Each story I read about her tops the last one. Just when I think Kali needs a break, Misty Evans throws Kali into yet another between good versus evil. Although, sometimes in Sweet Curse, it’s hard to tell the difference. So much is going on in Sweet Curse, that you have to read each and every word or you get lost. There are angels, demons, shifters, vampires, blood slaves, goddesses, witches, and many more things to keep straight! Kali also excels at outsmarting even the most powerful that you have to watch how each work is spoken between the characters. It’s quite the adventure!

Kali is head of the Bridge Institute, an organization that protects humans from supernaturals and brings order. Although, it seems the Bridge Institute is also protecting a whole lot of supernaturals these days. Archangel Michael is the main “villain” in Sweet Curse, which if you read the Witches Anonymous Series, overlaps just a bit. And how about an angel for a villain? And not a Fallen Angel, either? Evans doesn’t always give us typical villains in her stories.

As with the other Kali Sweet books, we see a whole lot of love and friendship happening, whether it’s romantic love between Kali and Rad or family love with Kali and her friends like Di, Cole, or even Dru. Kali is one awesome vengeance demon (which she keeps in check most of the time) who loves humans and wants to do the right thing by all. I love that about her, but I will admit in this book, it was fun to see her demon come out and play a bit. In Sweet Curse, we side of Kali we haven’t seen before. It is both scary and fascinating.

If you like fantasy, give Sweet Curse a read. It is the fourth book in the series, and while it is great to read books in order so they build on one another, I think this one could be read as a standalone. Evans does a nice job with backstory to catch the reader up to speed for the important pieces of the plot. If you haven’t read a fantasy yet but want to give one a try, give the Kali Sweet series a try. They are fantastic!

Title: Sweet Curse (Kali Sweet Urban Fantasy, #4)

Author: Misty Evans

Category: Fantasy

Source: ARC Received from Author


Review: FULL THROTTLE by Julie Ann Walker

Are you ready for an adventure that takes you to the Malaysian jungle with the president’s daughter, a few terrorists, and an ex Army Ranger? That is where you will find yourself in Full Throttle by Julie Ann Walker, another book in her Black Knights, Inc series! If you haven’t read this series, I encourage you to do so. While each book has it’s own plot there are characters and an ongoing plot that runs through each book, so reading from beginning to end is best.

President Thompson’s daughter, Abby, is kidnapped. Secret Service agents are down. It’s Carlos and the BKI boys to the rescue! Carlos and Abby have been friends for almost a decade but haven’t been in touch for many of those years. Yet, when they reconnect, it’s as if they never had that break in time. The chemistry between them as friends amazing. Their big love scene was absolutely off the charts hot. There is just so much respect for one another that it is the whole package.

Walker pens another fantastic romantic suspense story that is unique and individual to the characters in Full Throttle. As with other books in the series, we also get a side romance story with another couple. Dan from BKI and Penni, a Secret Service Agent hit it off from the beginning. That big question with them is whether Dan can overcome the pain of losing his wife a few years back and open his heart up to love Penni. We’ll find out in Too Hard To Handle.

We are introduced to the SEAL team that is part of the Deep Six series in this book which makes me even more excited about another series of Walker’s. If you are looking for a story that will give you action, love, brothers-in-arms, bad guys, and heroes, give Full Throttle a read.

Title: Full Throttle (BKI, #7)

Author: Julie Ann Walker

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Borrowed from Library

Review: UNDER HER SKIN by Adriana Anders

In Under Her Skin by Adriana Anders, Uma Crane is on the run from her abusive ex-boyfriend, who tortured her one night by tattooing her body against her will. When she learns of a doctor offering free tattoo removal, Uma settles in rural Virginia and accepts a job as a housekeeper for the reclusive Mrs. Lloyd. The job puts her in contact with the neighbor, Ivan, a convicted felon, who is trying to get his life back on track. When Ivan sees Uma outside of Mrs. Lloyd’s house, something about her peaks his interest. Ivan has his work cut out for him because Uma is scared to form any relationships, much less a romantic one as she hides from her ex. Can Ivan convince Uma that not only is she beautiful but that he loves her?

There is just something about Ivan that had me adding him to my book boyfriend collection as soon an Anders introduced him. Underneath his dark, brooding exterior is a man who deeply cares for the people in his life (and the animals that he has taken in). Ivan has accepted the punishment that the justice system gave him and is working to put his life back together.

Uma’s story was just heartbreaking. There were a few times when she was recalling what her ex did to her that I had to stop reading due to the intensity of the scene. I loved watching this broken woman slowly blossom under Ivan’s friendship/romance and become whole again.

The chemistry between the two characters is palpable from the moment they meet. It really becomes a question of when they will get together verses if. And when they finally have a love scene? Holy cow! I was feeling a little warm reading it and it wasn’t because of the hot summer weather.

Under Her Skin by Adriana Anders is the first book in the Blank Canvas series. Anders has written a dark and gritty romance that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. If you enjoy darker contemporary romances, this would be a good book for you.

Title: Under Her Skin

Author: Adriana Anders

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: Borrowed from Library

Review: DIGITAL VELOCITY by Reily Garrett

In Digital Velocity by Reily Garrett, expert hacker Lexi Donovan is a pro at living off the grid. When a friend of hers becomes the target of a psychopath, Lexi takes a huge risk and sends an anonymous message to Detective Ethan McAllister. Ethan is shot in the line of duty while investigating her tip, which makes Lexi feel guilty and she contacts him in person. Together the two begin to track down a serial killer who likes to broadcast his murders on the Internet. As they start to close in on the killer, the unknown criminal turns his sights on Lexi. Will Ethan be able to protect her from this mad man?

If you are looking for a book with a little bit of everything, Digital Velocity is it. This fast paced thriller has action, romance, and mystery. Garrett does an excellent job of blending all three elements into a gripping story that had me hooked from the first chapter. I loved watching Lexi and Ethan find their way to an HEA. These two were some hard headed individuals, who made a valiant effort in fighting the inevitable. Once they finally got together, there was no going back.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this book was the mystery. Garrett does a fantastic job of making you think certain characters are the killer. It is all smoke and mirrors though because the actual killer shocked me.

Digital Velocity is the first book in the McAllister Justice series by Reilly Garrett. This intense and well written book leads readers on a dark journey in hunting down a serial killer. If you enjoy edgier romantic suspense, this book would be a good read for you.

Title: Digital Velocity

Author: Reily Garrett

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Copy provided by author

Review: KEEGAN’S LADY by Catherine Anderson

In Keegan’s Lady by Catherine Anderson, Ace Keegan has returned to No Name, Colorado to extract revenge on the men who killed his step father. Unfortunately, the ring leader is now dead but Ace decides that ruining the son will work just as well. What Ace doesn’t count on is meeting the daughter, Caitlin, who immediately works her way into his heart. When Caitlin’s reputation is tarnished, Ace does what he thinks is the honorable thing by marrying her. Ace wasn’t prepared for how much damage her abusive father did to Caitlin and Ace embarks on a mission to convince her that all men aren’t bad. Will Caitlin ever trust Ace? Will Ace get revenge on the men who changed his life forever?

There are so many layers to Caitlin’s character that I don’t know really where to start. She is loyal without a fault even to her no good drunken brother and a hard worker, who is working day and night to save the family farm. She is also ferocious in protecting any animal or individual that she feels is being mistreated.

The love that develops between Ace and Caitlin is a slow one. Caitlin is beyond angry that she is now trapped in a marriage that she didn’t want and is convinced Ace will treat her as nothing more than his property. As Ace comes to know Caitlin even better, he is horrified and angered to learn about the abuse she suffered growing up. Ace becomes determined to show Caitlin what love really is.

The story of Ace seeking revenge made for an engrossing read. Ace has hatched an elaborate plan involving rumors of a railroad spur to take down his enemies through financial ruin. At first Ace continues his plan despite the implications it could have for Caitlin’s brother but as he gets to know the family, Ace begins to question if it is worth it. He eventually comes to a crossroads where he has to decide between revenge or the woman he loves.

Keegan’s Lady is the first book in the Keegan-Paxton Series by Catherine Anderson. Anderson has written a beautiful love story as well as taking on the subjects of abuse, revenge, and forgiveness. If you enjoy historical western romances, this book would be a good read for you.

Title: Keegan’s Lady

Author: Catherine Anderson

Category: Historical Fiction

Source: Borrowed from library

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