Review: DOG COLLAR CHAOS by Adrienne Giordano

I love a good Lucie Rizzo Mystery and Dog Collar Chaos by Adrienne Giordano is everything the series represents. From the wonderfully wacky yet loveable characters to a mystery that takes a lot of whit and hijinks to solve. It doesn’t hurt to have a protective mob boss father and a hot Irish detective to add to the entertainment. The result includes lots of laughs and heart warming fun.

Lucie always has the best of intentions but somehow she always ends up in an uncontrollable adventure where she meets the most interesting people. She ages her boyfriend cop daily but makes her Dad proud the way she fights for those she loves. They all love her just as much and would do anything for her. That’s what is so great about this series. I want Lucie to be my friend.

In Dog Collar Chaos, Lucie’s best friend Roseanne is arrested for the murder. One she did not commit, of course. Since the formal investigation is moving too slow, Lucie takes things into her own hands. Oh boy. Strap on your seat belt because things move quickly and Lucie won’t rest until Ro is out of jail.

I was ecstatic with how much Lucile’s Dad is in this book. He is such a protector and it’s great fun with him in each of his scenes. I absolutely adore hunky detective Tim O’Brien. He is absolutely perfect for Lucie. Bails her out when she needs it. Lets her do her thing when he knows she needs to make a stand or a point about something. His point of view was great in Dog Collar Chaos. I never got enough of him in past books (so he better come out on top if there is a love triangle going on in future books, Ms. Giordano!).

I don’t want to give away too much because these books are pure entertainment from beginning to end. I literally laughed out loud several times during Dog Collar Chaos. Giordano’s writing is pure gold which is evident in this book and why she will always be an auto-read for me. If you like humor, mystery, and a little romance, give Dog Collar Chaos a read.

Title: Dog Collar Chaos (Lucie Rizzo Mystery, #4)

Author: Adrienne Giordano

Category: Mystery, Suspense

Source: ARC received from Author

Review: UNDER PRESSURE by Lori Foster

In Under Pressure by Lori Foster, Catalina Nicholson used to live a quiet life of an art teacher. Six weeks ago she overheard her step-father and a very powerful man discussing the murder and rape of a young woman. Cat has been on the run since that day, trusting no one until she meets Leese Phillips. Leese, a retired MMA fighter and body guard for the Body Armor Agency has been hired to protect Cat. Cat, like any woman, can’t help but be dazzled by Leese’s good looks and ripped body Gradually though, she comes to trust Leese and confesses who her enemy is. As Leese tries to stay one step ahead of Cat’s enemy, he begins to fall in love with his feisty client. Can Leese protect Cat? Will Cat trust Leese with her heart?

Readers of Foster’s Ultimate Fighting series might remember Leese from that series. Leese realized that he wasn’t good enough to be a champion, so he retired and became a body guard instead. Leese makes for quite the hero. Like so many of Foster’s male characters, he has a very rigid moral code that he believes in and upholds. You definitely want Leese to be fighting on your side.

Cat is such a firecracker. She is determined to survive and is very bold in her observations on life. Once Leese is able to get her to safety, Cat emerges completely from her shell and a strong protective side of her comes out.

Leese and Cat make for a great couple. They are opposites that actually mesh perfectly together Their love scenes unquestionably add a good deal of heat to this suspenseful plot.

Under Pressure is the first book in the new series Body Armor by Lori Foster. Foster has once again delivered a book with all of her signature writing styles: hot honorable Alpha male hero, a spunky heroine, and a intriguing plot that will keep readers turning the page. If you like romantic suspense, this book would be a good read for you.

Title: Under Pressure

Author: Lori Foster

Category: Romantic Suspense

Source: Checked out from library

Review: ALL THE GALLANT MEN by Donald Stratton with Ken Fire

Every American alive today knows Franklin Roosevelt’s famous quote about Pearl Harbor. Imagine though experiencing that attack first hand. Donald Stratton, a young man from Nebraska, was unlucky enough to be on the USS Arizona on December 7, 1941. At 8:10 in the morning, his life changed forever. Stratton was badly burned over a good portion of his body and spent months in rehab. As one of the last living survivors of this tragedy, Stratton recounts his life and the impact the bombing had on him in this gripping memoir.

If you read just one non-fiction book this year, I would recommend you select this book. Stratton and his co-author Ken Gire, make sure not to overwhelm non history/non military readers. From the first sentence until the last sentence, this book reads as well and as fast as any fiction book.

Stratton deals with a lot of survivors guilt. Even seventy-five years later the pain of his suffering and loss translates to the pages of this book. Stratton recounts how he lost friends and how he questioned for a good portion of his life whether or not he had lived a life worthy of his survival.

Stratton still holds onto a lot of anger towards the Japanese, which was shocking to me at first. One would think that time would blunt his anger and maybe perhaps allow him to forgive what had happened. However, given what he endured both physically and mentally, a reader can see why that grudge is still going strong.

All the Gallant Men by Donald Stratton is one of the best history books that I have read in a long time. This vivid memoir will have you wanting to finish this book in one sitting. Anyone who enjoys history or memoirs would love this book.

Title: All the Gallant Men

Authors: Donald Stratton and Ken Fire

Category: Non-Fiction

Source: Checked out from library

Review: WHATEVER YOU NEED by Barbara Longley

In Whatever You Need by Barbara Longley, Wyatt Haney wants nothing more than to settle down and start a family. Unfortunately, Wyatt is an extremely shy introvert, who can barely say hello to a stranger, much less ask a woman out on a date. Kayla Malone is hopefully finally getting her life on track. The young widow and mother recently moved to Minnesota to attend school. When a fire breaks out in Kayla’s apartment, Wyatt’s construction company wins the bid for the repairs. Wyatt force’s himself to talk to his pretty neighbor and even works up the courage to ask her out. Kayla isn’t ready to date though and she crushes Wyatt’s hopes. Fortunately, Wyatt doesn’t give up and he sets out to be the best male friend Kayla had in hopes she will want more.

Wyatt is one of those characters that you enjoy reading about from the moment he is introduced. He is smart, sexy, good with kids, and an all around nice guy. I found myself being extremely protective of him when Kayla put him in the friend zone.

Even though Kayla made me mad when she turned Wyatt down, I did understand where she was coming from. Kayla was pressured into marrying at a young age when she got pregnant. Her jerk of a husband made no secret that he was resentful of his situation and ignored his wife and child as much as possible. Kayla felt like she needed to live her life a bit before she started a new relationship with anyone.

Kayla and Wyatt actually don’t sleep with each other until the book is almost over. For most romances that would be unthinkable. In this book though it works out nicely as Longley is able to ramp up the tension between the two and show how they are taking things slow.

Whatever You Need by Barbara Longley is the second book in The Haneys series but it can be read as a standalone. Longley has created an endearing hero in Wyatt, whom readers will love from the first word. The story is realistic and very engrossing. Anyone who loves a contemporary romance would enjoy this book.

Title: Whatever You Need

Author: Barbara Longley

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: NetGalley

Review: WITH A PRINCE by Jeffe Kennedy

Do you ever love a story but not know how to really describe it to someone because of it’s simplicity but complexity all in one? With a Prince by Jeffe Kennedy is just that for me. It’s the second book in the Missed Connections series, is a boy meets girl and falls in love tale, but has such a different feel and uniqueness that it is hard to put into words. For the purpose of this review, I’ll do my best.

Marcia is looking for prince charming. The handsome, All-American boy, that sweeps Marcia off her feet. She has such high standards for this prince as all innocent, little girls have. It’s just that most girls let go of that dream as they grow up. Marcia hasn’t. So when she meets light hair, blue eyed, handsome Gabriel on the train, she is thrown for a loop. Until she suspects it’s a set-up.

A little later, Damien and Marcia literally run into one another. He is the opposite of what she sees herself falling for. His clothes are all black, his hair is black with a unique style, he wears lots of piercings, has tattoos and rides a custom motorcycle. But, what the heck? He is a nice guy who wants to make up for knocking Marcia over so why not meet him for a drink? From there, things get interesting.

I love how With a Prince breaks through stereotypes and teaches us all to open our minds to love. We fall for the guy or girl who is completely unlike the one in our expectations or dreams. Our hearts guide us. Kennedy is a fabulous story teller and I always fall in love with her characters. She hooked me in from the first page of With a Prince. I thoroughly enjoyed Damien’s and Marcia’s romance as it was so sexy and sensual (fabulous descriptions of smells!) and deliciously sweet at the same time. If you are looking for a short, sexy, entertaining contemporary romance, give With a Prince a read.

Title: With a Prince (Missed Connections, #2)

Author: Jeffe Kennedy

Category: Contemporary Romance

Source: ARC received from Author

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