Spotlight: THE TEARS OF THE ROSE by Jeffe Kennedy

Calling all fantasy lovers! If you haven’t read Jeffe Kennedy yet, you need to start. Right now. The second book in her Twelve Kingdoms series titled The Tears of the Rose released this week and has been nominated as Best Fantasy Romance in the RT Reviewer’s Choice Awards! The first book in the series, The Mark of the Tala was also a top pick!

About the Book:

Title: The Tears of the Rose (Twelve Kingdoms, #2)

Author: Jeffe Kennedy

Release Date: November 25, 2014

Publisher: Kensington

Category: Fantasy

Book Summary:

Three sisters. Motherless daughters of the high king. The eldest is the warrior-woman heir;the middle child is shy and full of witchy intuition;and the youngest, Princess Amelia, she is as beautiful as the sun and just as generous.

Ami met her Prince Charming and went away to his castle on the stormy sea-cliffs-and that should have been her happily ever after. Instead, her husband lies dead and a war rages. Her middle sister has been taken into a demon land, turned into a stranger. The priests and her father are revealing secrets and telling lies. And a power is rising in Ami, too, a power she hardly recognizes, to wield her beauty as a weapon, and her charm as a tool to deceive…

Amelia has never had to be anything but good and sweet and kind and lovely. But the chess game for the Twelve Kingdoms has swept her up in it, and she must make a gambit of her own. Can the prettiest princess become a pawn-or a queen?

Review: DESIGNED FOR LOVE by Kelsey Browning

Designed For Love is the fourth story in Kelsey Browning’s Texas Nights Series and I am excited we get more of Ashton. She was the rich society girl from Houston who tried to sue Roxanne in the second book of the series. By the end of the book, she was redeemed in my eyes and was looking forward to her book. Honestly, I had a harder time remembering Mac, the hero in this story. He is the complete opposite of the old Ashton. In addition, he has some issues with the past that he is still dealing with and working on the Lily Lake project is only a step back in the direction to his life and work in Dallas.

Ashton knows Mac is not gonna be around but she can’t fight the attraction to Mac and honestly her forward behavior was unexpected. There was good chemistry between the two and I really enjoyed the build up for this couple and their relationship both in and out of the bed, or should I say hammock. What I wasn’t expecting was the comedic nature of this book. Definitely coming across more as a romantic comedy than an angst driven story, this fourth book was refreshing.

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Interview, Excerpt & Giveaway: HEATING IT UP, ONE HERO AT A TIME featuring Averil Reisman

Today we are celebrating the release of the Heating it Up, One Hero at a Time boxed set!  If you like historical romance, you must grab this one while it’s available for just 99 cents! So Many Reads is featuring author Averil Reisman with a short interview an excerpt form her book in the set, The Captain’s Temptress!  There is also a giveaway so don’t leave before you enter!

Heating It Up Book Blitz Banner

About the Boxed Set:

Love Across the Ages…Seven best-selling and award-winning authors bring readers historical romantic adventures set in Medieval Scotland, Regency England, Civil War America, the Wild West, and Gilded Age America. We’re Heating It Up one hero at a time with Scottish Highlanders, Regency Rakes, Union Spies, Mountain Men & Sexy Smugglers.

Heating It Up 3D cover

This LIMITED EDITION BOXED SET contains seven sensual, full-length novels.

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Excerpt & Trailer: MAN LAW by Adrienne Giordano

Woot! Guess what is happening today? Man Law by Adrienne Giordano is on sale for just 99 cents! This is the book that got me hooked on Adrienne’s writing. It is full of bad ass alpha males who have emotional issues that their equally bad ass women call them out on. You can check out my review of it here.

About the Book:

Title: Man Law (Private Protectors, #2)

Author: Adrienne Giordano

Release Date: July 4, 2011

Publisher: Carina Press

Category: Romantic Suspense

Sale Price: $0.99 from 11/20/14 – 11/26/14 

Buy Links:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Carina Press

Book Summary:

Security Consultant Vic Andrews lives by his Man Laws:

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Review: TEASE ME by Olivia Cunning

In Tease Me by Olivia Cunning, Madison Fairbanks and Adam Taylor have been together for almost a year. What started as a fling is starting to turn into something more serious.  Adam has overcome his drug addiction with help from Madison, who he met when he went into rehabilitation.  His band has some time off and Adam has planned a risqué weekend for Madison in New Orleans that includes a visit to a sex club. Adam really wants this weekend to be special and so does Madison, but huge life changes are looming on the horizon for the happy couple.  Will they be able to survive?

I have become such a huge fan of this author.  Her stories are so riveting that I am extremely guilty of binge reading them. Plus, I love that all of her musicians all play in metal bands, which is a genre I enjoy and something not often featured in romances.

If you’ve never read this series it’s a bit different than what you may be used to. Each book is about a different member of Sole Regret and their love interest (Adam was book 2, then book 7, and he’ll be book 12). The stories run concurrently, so some things you read about in one book will be taking place at the same time just from a different perspective.

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