Battle of the Giveaways

Giveaway! Free! Those are words every reader loves to hear. We can enter a giveaway for a new book? Okay. A gift card? Even better. A Kindle? Holy smokes, yes! The idea that someone is willing to give something to me for merely sharing a Tweet or a Facebook post is awesome. I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff, right?

When I started getting involved in the book blogging world, I entered giveaways all the time. At the time, the draw was the free books. I met a lot of new authors that way. Usually once I read the free book, I would then go on and buy another book by the author. Gift card giveaways started becoming popular, too. Those were great to win and I won my fair share. But, over the years, I have stopped entering giveaways. I didn’t stop promoting authors – I just had a different outlook on those the more involved in the book world I became.

Today we are seeing giveaways pop up everywhere and for trivial things. Readers are now offered giveaways for cover reveals, spotlights, reviews, signing up for a newsletter, being on a street team, and many other things. I was shocked when I started seeing giveaways for bloggers to post information on their blog. What happened to doing all these things because we liked an author’s work and wanted to share it with others? Why do we feel we need a giveaway just for posting something on our Facebook wall that took us a minute or two to construct? Why do we get greedy to the point of fighting with our fellow readers to have a better chance of winning at Facebook parties with tons of prizes?  It isn’t just the giveaways either; many readers expect authors to give out all their books for free.

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Review & Giveaway: MEAN STREAK by Sandra Brown

In Mean Streak by Sandra Brown, Dr. Emory Charbonneau is a well known pediatrician, marathon runner, and philanthropist.  Her current cause combines the latter two and in preparation for running the marathon, Emory decides to train by running part of the Appalachian Trail in rural North Carolina.  Things don’t exactly go as planned and Emory wakes up in a strange man’s cabin with a concussion and no recollection of how she got there  Worse still, is the stranger her savoir or someone bent on causing her harm?

This was my first time reading a novel by Brown.  I knew of her and had seen her books at the library and book store.  Apparently I have been missing out on a good author! My to be read list just grew by a lot!!!

I can’t review this book without mentioning how much I hated Emory’s husband, Jeff. The character personified slimy and self centered for me. Every time he made an appearance, my teeth would be set on edge.  I still don’t know why someone like Emory would marry someone like him.

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Review: TASTE OF DARKNESS by Katie Reus

Taste of Darkness by Katie Reus is my first Dragon shifter book. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. Katie always takes me on a rush of action and adventure as well as steamy passion in her books and this one was no different.

In Taste of Darkness, Drake, a Dragon shifter, is still figuring out the human world after being imprisoned in hell for thousands of years with Demons and the like. He has found his mate in Victoria, a wolf shifter, who is helping him along the way. Her pack took him in and consider him family now. One other issue for Drake is that he doesn’t remember much of anything before he was sacrificed at the age of 12. So, trust is hard for him. Even when his brother and sister come looking for him.

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