Review: ROMANCING THE HOLIDAY by HelenKay Dimon, Christi Barth and Jaci Burton

I am really enjoying Christmas novellas this year. There is just something magical about two people falling in love during the Christmas season. Books like this make me appreciate my husband more, too, which is always nice when one is caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season! I received this copy via NetGalley and enjoyed each of the stories.

16006209We’ll Be Home for Christmas by HelenKay Dimon

This is the third book in the Holloway series by HelenKay Dimon and I adored it. I read the first two books in the Holloway series recently and was excited to get to read Spencer’s story since he is the wild womanizer of the bunch. Always fun to see how a woman tames that.  Spencer and Lila met up at a hotel for a 3-night stand months ago.  They both were in a bad situation and a little down on their luck.  They never thought they would see each other again but the memory of those days they shared with each other continued to haunt them.  Now Lila is back in the area and Spencer sees her for the first time. Boy are they both caught off guard. It takes a little while but they both realize that the reason they haven’t forgotten the days they spent together in the past are because they shared more than a physical connection. I am loving Ms. Dimon’s contemporary romance books.  She writes very fun, romantic, witty stories. I love the small town gossip mill that goes on in Holloway as another obstacle the characters have to overcome. In this story, I loved watching Travis, a friend and employee of Spencer, give advice on how to handle women. Most of the time in books none of the guys quite get women, but Travis sure seems to understand. I am looking forward to this story next.

Ask Her at Christmas by Christi Barth

This was my first book by Christi Barth.  I have a soft spot for the best friends falling in love stories because we don’t see a lot of that. This one was interesting because Kyle was planning to marry someone else (Monica) as part of a business deal and needed his friend Caitlin to help him propose and seal the deal.  Caitlin has been in love with Kyle for years but never ever acted on her feelings.  She has always been there as his best friend and biggest cheerleader. Kyle also has had feelings for Caitlin but did not want to mess up their friendship if she didn’t feel the same way.  Unfortunately he is forced to marry Monica to gain his Father’s confidence in him again.  He has been a disappointment to his father and wants his father’s acceptance more than anything.  While Caitlin tries to talk him out of this, she still supports him even if she doesn’t agree. She doesn’t want to lose Kyle over it.  I really enjoyed this sweet romance and the love that Kyle and Caitlin have for one another as friends.  I did not like Monica at all and couldn’t believe she demanded Caitlin remove herself from Kyle’s life. Ms. Barth ended the story perfectly and I plan to check out her other books since this one was so fun to read.

The Best Thing by Jaci Burton

This was also my first story by Jaci Burton, but I have heard her name so much and have been meaning to check out her books. This is the third book in the Kent series. After reading The Best Thing I am definitely going to go buy her other Kent Family books and read them this season. In this book, Brody and Tori have been working together for a long time. They share a passionate kiss at a company Christmas party last year but that was it. Brody tries to talk things out with Tori since there has been tension between the two since the kiss. She just doesn’t want to deal with him for fear if she does get involved in him and things go bad she will lose her job, her friends and his family that has taken her in as one of their own. Slowly, Brody and Tori reconnect and watching that made this a fun read.  They have a light, fun relationship with each other. The intimate scenes were well written and so sweet.  It was so awesome how much Brody adored Tori. I look forward to reading more books by Jaci Burton.

If you are looking for sweet, fun romantic stories this season, I suggest you try this one book. You can purchase each of them individually or together though this anthology at AmazonBarnes & Noble and Carina Press.

~ Reviewed by Amy ~

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About the Book:

TitleRomancing the Holiday
AuthorsHelenKay DimonChristi Barth and Jaci Burton
Publisher:Carina Press 
Release Date: December 3, 2012
Category: Contemporary Romance
Source: ARC received from Publisher via NetGalley

Book Summary:

We wish you a merry Christmas…and a happily ever after!

A memorable three-night stand gets rekindled in a cabin in West Virginia. An office romance is sparked by an impulsive holiday kiss. And two best friends scout locations for a marriage proposal and discover that they make a perfect match. ‘Tis the season for laughter, love and a lifetime of happiness.

Edited by Angela James, this anthology includes:

We’ll Be Home for Christmas by HelenKay Dimon
The Best Thing by Jaci Burton
Ask Her at Christmas by Christi Barth

Stories also available for purchase separately.

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