Been blogging for a month. What have I learned?

So, my blog has been live for a little over a month.  What have I learned in that time frame?

10. I am sometimes overwhelmed with all that goes into keeping up with this blog. 

9.  I tend to hit “publish” instead of “save draft” by accident too many times. Sorry to those that subscribe by email and get accidental posts.

8.  Authors are really appreciative of the promotion you give their books and I love pleasing people.

7.  I have a lot to learn. One of those being, that in effort to be nice and talk up authors I enjoy interacting with personally, I might be tainting my reviews. I should leave the reviews for the books, not the authors.

6.  I have big plans for this blog.

5.  I married a network engineer to help me with all the technical aspects of my website. Okay, that isn’t why I married him. Turns out, he is my real life romance hero (cue the aww).

4.  A controversial topic will bring visitors to my blog.

3.  I need to come up with more controversial topics on my random post days so I can attract visitors. Just kidding. Maybe.

2.  I am envious of blogs that have been around for awhile and therefore have lots of activity on their pages.

1.  I care more about visitors and stats than I thought I ever would.

So, what is one thing you would tell a new blogger?

9 thoughts on “Been blogging for a month. What have I learned?

  1. I would tell the new blogger not to worry about comments or visitors. It does take time to get a readership. Controversy does help. In the end, And authors should respect honest reviews.

    Good luck!

  2. I want to revise my advice! It’s not that you’re tainting your reviews – it’s that some people might perceive it that way. I think you’re doing a fine job of finding the balance. Rock on!

    And try not to worry too much about the numbers. Numbers are fickle things. Be true to your heart and your mission and you won’t go wrong!

  3. Thanks, Edie! I care a lot about what people think and that is a hard thing to get past. But, I will need to grow a thicker skin if I want to keep blogging. Not everyone will agree with me on everything.

  4. Jeffe – My husband told me I needed to stop with the fluff and get to the review. He said if he reads a review and the reviewer talks about how they like the author, follow on twitter, blah, blah, he would think I was a little partial to them and wonder about the honesty of the review. With your comment about distance and his comments, I heard what I needed to hear to make my reviews better. I don’t disagree. Just hadn’t thought about it that way. I have a lot to learn and appreciate people telling me what I need to hear. So, thank you!

  5. I’m so far from an expert blogger that I don’t think I have much useful advice to offer, but I’ll say this (because it’s pretty much the advice I give on everything): Remember why you started it and work to serve THAT purpose.

    That and: DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!

  6. Thanks, JB! I need to remind myself of that. And my husband reminded me last night that it is my blog. I don’t have a reader base yet or expectations to meet.

  7. The most important thing in my opinion: enjoy yourself! Don’t take on things you don’t like because you think your audience wants them.

  8. Hi, Sullivan! Thanks for the advice. I need to remind myself of that, especially to read and review the books I enjoy. Thanks for stopping by today.

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