Review: HIS TO PROTECT by Katie Reus

Congratulations to Katie Reus on the new release of His to Protect, the fifth book in her Red Stone Security Series!  Katie is having a Twitter release party on January 9, which includes lots of prizes. Check out the details here. This book is on sale right now for just $0.99 – can’t beat that!

Official Summary:

No woman ever affected Red Stone Security expert Kell Malone quite like Charlotte Bastien. It’s been a year since that incredibly intense night they spent together and he still can’t get her out of his head. When he discovers she’s in Miami—with their three-month-old son—he’s stunned. Hurt. He’s also determined to know his child, and if she’ll give him the chance, to make a life with the stubborn woman who has sworn off love.

Single mom Charlotte came to Miami to tell Kell about their son, and that’s all—she won’t open her heart just to have it trashed by another man. Unfortunately, Kell makes that hard. He’s everything she wants, and just one look from him unleashes wicked memories and wild desires. When she witnesses a murder and lands on a hit list, Kell steps up to protect her and their son, but winning her love proves to be the hardest mission he’s ever undertaken.

My Review:

I have enjoyed all of the books in the Red Stone Security series and this one is no different. Kellen (Kell for short) has been in love with Charlotte since he first met her, however, she was married to another man and one of Kell’s friends, so he kept his distance. Time passes, Charlotte’s husband passes away, and we learn they were headed for divorce due to his infidelity.  Kell and Charlotte spend a night together that neither of them can forget. He tells her he loves her, but she runs.  A year later, Charlotte shows up to tell Kell they have a son.

Kell is shocked that Charlotte didn’t tell him sooner about his son.  Not one to waste time, he asks (insists, really) that Charlotte and their son, Reece, move in with him so he can spend time with both of them. Charlotte isn’t so sure because she is worried about falling for Kell and possibly getting her heart broken (like it did with her husband), but her guilt for not telling Kell sooner causes her to agree. Shortly after that, Charlotte witnesses a murder in an alley as she is out at the park with her son. The murderers realize this and she is then on someone’s hit list and it is up to Kell and Red Stone to keep her safe.

Katie does a great job with this story. She writes a nice balance of suspense, romance, and some steamy passion. I love second chance stories, so this one was great. Not one to want to let go of characters from other books, I was glad that this one included several members of Red Stone and their wives/significant others including Lizzy and Noel. I also enjoy books that include kids/babies so having Reece in this one and getting to see Kell love on his three-month-old son was great!

Favorite quote: “Greedy and impatient. One of the hundred things I love about you.” – Kell to Charlotte.

If you are looking for a romantic suspense that is a quick read, romantic, passionate, and includes a very sweet little baby that win’s over tough Security experts, I highly recommend you try this story!  You can read any of the Red Stone Security books on their own, so if you haven’t read the others, you can still pick up this one and enjoy it. You can find it at Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

Have you ever held something back from someone for fear of how they would respond and knowing it would change their lives?

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  1. Katie’s romantic suspense books are great, but I LOVE her paranormal books. Specifically her Moon Shifter books. They, too, are full of suspense and romance but involve shifters.

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