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We all look for miracles, don’t we? There are some that are obvious to me like the birth of a baby. Others happen all the time but we don’t notice them or take them for granted.  I am really enjoying Edie Ramer’s Miracle Interrupted series because miracles are happening all the time in the small town of Miracle. They don’t always happen in the way we expect, either. Miracle Pie is the 4th book in the Miracle Interrupted series.

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Official Summary:

Katie Guthrie has pie magic. Intuition tells her what to bake. Whether it’s a Goodbye Pie or a Welcome Home Pie, it will turn out perfect and be waiting for the person who needs it most.

She cherishes her life in the small village of Miracle, Wisconsin, and has no desire for change. But to help a friend, she agrees to film a cooking pilot show. Only to realize the filmmaker is the dying boy Katie used to call her angel when she lived in Chicago with her junkie mother.

Gabe Robbins is no angel, and he’s no boy anymore. Burned out after a three-year stint building a hospital in Africa, Gabe ignores his demons by living day-to-day and filming wedding videos. Nothing deep, nothing he has to become invested in. Nothing that will get under his skin, until…

Watching Katie create her pies from behind his video camera makes him realize what he’s missing. Thanks to Katie and her pies, Gabe discovers his passion again. But will it lead him to his heart’s desire…or will this miracle take him away from Katie forever?

My Review:

I really enjoyed Katie and Gabe’s story.  Katie is content with her life and doesn’t want to make any changes. Her friend Rosa, pulls Katie out of her shell and asks Katie to help Rosa with a cooking show pilot. Katie is unsure about this but doesn’t want to say no to a friend, so she agrees. Rosa brings in Gabe to film the pilot and the story sets off into an emotional, heartfelt read about how the people in Miracle deal with the ups and downs of life. Everyone has their issues. Everyone has their secrets, but at the end of the day, the village of Miracle rallies around one another.

Gabe and Katie are the main hero and heroine in the story.  They both have feelings for each other but with Gabe living in Chicago and Katie living in Miracle it is not an easy relationship for them. Neither of them want to say goodbye to each other or their life’s passion.  Gabe has only recently learned that his passion is filming videos of children with cancer and their families and feels he has to do it in Chicago. Katie’s passion is making pies for her friends, family and customers in Miracle. Chicago and Miracle are just too far apart.  It takes these two some time and some help from friends to figure out a way to make their love for each other and their passions work. A miracle you could say.

In addition to Katie and Gabe, there are several other story lines that overlap. We get to watch Rosa deal with the breakup of her marriage, but finds her passion in cooking at a local restaurant  We watch Katie’s best friend Trish and her husband Gunner deal with being pregnant with quads while Gunner loses his job. The whole town rallies behind them. Everyone in Miracle wonders what the miracle is going to be that is prophesied, but it is actually a bunch of miracles happening to different people. That is my opinion at least.

I think Edie does a fantastic job of writing fictional stories that have so much real life stories and emotion put into them. You laugh, you cry and you love while reading Miracle Pie. I think many readers have been affected by one or more of the issues that Edie has written about which allows the reader to relate to the story so well. Whenever I am done reading a Miracle Interrupted story, I always feel a strong sense of hope. I highly recommend Miracle Pie to anyone looking for a miracle. You can purchase it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

What was the last miracle that you experienced?

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