Review: THE CHASE by Adrienne Giordano

One of my favorite romantic suspense authors, Adrienne Giordano has started a new series called Justifiable Cause. Since her other romantic suspense books are always a treat I was eager to read this new, self-published book of hers.

Official Summary:

In this novella, hard-driving attorney Jo Pomeroy is as determined as she is sexy—in other words, a major pain in NYPD Sergeant Gabe Townsend’s butt. Working together on a high-profile task force charged with busting sales of counterfeit goods has been rocky from the start. And Jo’s penchant for trouble is as difficult to ignore as her spectacular legs.

The world of knock-offs isn’t as frivolous as it appears. The purses are fake, but the danger is all too real—and Jo seems hell-bent on putting herself in the middle of it. Her investigations have uncovered valuable leads for Gabe’s team, but they’ve also drawn the wrong kind of attention.

Now, she’s on the radar of a mysterious smuggler not afraid to use violence to evade the law. At the risk of their lives—and their hearts—Gabe and Jo must find him before he finds them.

My Review:

Gabe and Jo are on a task force to track down counterfeit merchandise for one of Jo’s clients. They are both determined, driven, and want things to run their way. Problem is, neither of them will back down. The story was very interesting to me because it isn’t a common plot that I have run across, so I was engrossed in the story from the beginning. When you throw in two strong personalities, a few bad guys and a lot of great dialogue between the main characters,  you have an entertaining story that is hard to put down.

Gabe is referred to by Jo as “Mr. August” – the hottest month on the calendar. She and him have such intense chemistry but neither wants to act on because it could put an end to their spot on the task force. They try to ignore it but eventually give in. After they realize how good they can be together they try to maintain business as usual when they are on the job. Easier said than done. In one scene, when Gabe has to save Jo’s life he lets his emotions get the best of him by going after one of the people he felt was responsible.

Jo is a tough attorney and this task force means everything to her. The mayor of New York is trusting her with this and she hopes if she does well in New York, it will go national. She takes it very seriously and the excitement of tracking down a smuggler often leads to lack of good judgment on her part and she finds herself in situations in which Gabe has to step in and save her. Neither of them like that – Jo because she wants to take care of herself and Gabe because he doesn’t want her interfering in police work or worse, hurt.

Adrienne does a really good job of setting up this series. I look forward to reading more about Gabe and Jo and watching them navigate this relationship of theirs while they try to bring down the one of the biggest smuggling operations of counterfeit merchandise in New York. I highly recommend The Chase to anyone looking for a fun, witty, romantic suspense read!

Ladies, tell us the truth – have you bought a knockoff purse? Did you realize they were knockoffs when bought them?




One thought on “Review: THE CHASE by Adrienne Giordano

  1. I haven’t bought any knock-off purses but yesterday I read a novella that was very satisfying. More than a lot of books I read. I’ll definitely check out Adrienne’s novella.

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