“Choose Your Own Adventure” Romance?

As a kid I enjoyed the Choose Your Own Adventure books where the reader could choose which direction the story went and how things would end. What would romance novels be like if the reader had the option to choose the direction of the story and the ending?  The reader could choose how hot and steamy they wanted their story, who the hero/heroine ends up with (if it is a love triangle) or how dramatic and dangerous things got. While it would be fun for a reader, I often wonder if those types of stories would drive an author insane while writing them or would they enjoy it?

So, what do you think? Would it be cool for a romance novel to allow you to  choose the direction of the story or a total bust?

4 thoughts on ““Choose Your Own Adventure” Romance?

  1. I wouldn’t like it – I have to go with the vision in my own mind. Or gut. But I think there are writers who would enjoy it a lot, like a fun game. On second thought, If it were a kid’s book, I would have fun with it.

  2. I would always choose the happy ending. Life has too many endings I can’t choose so I want the one that leaves me feeling good. If that isn’t one of the choices then I wouldn’t read the book. However, if it had several happy endings then I would read them all!

    • They would be horrible if they had an option to choose a bad ending. I was thinking there could be happy and different kind of happy. Like a love triangle but the heroine has two different paths, then the reader could pick which one they wanted the heroine to end up with. 🙂

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