In awe of writers and authors

What is the difference between a writer and an author anyway? I never seem to know when to use those terms. I use them interchangeably but mean no disrespect if I am not using them correctly.

I put writers up on a pedestal. I don’t expect more of them as humans but I do look up to them when it comes to writing. The more I write reviews and blog posts, the more amazed I am with writers and their abilities. Writing is hard work. I am amazed at how willing authors are at put themselves out there for everyone to read and criticize.

I have been feeling pretty good about the reviews I write. Authors seem to like what I write about their books, so I have felt that all is good. Well, one day a couple of weeks ago I worked really hard on a review and I thought it was one of my best yet. I mean I used the word “brilliant” in it which seems to be a hot word in reviews (and not one I use in everyday language that often) and I was very proud of the review. The next thing I know someone else reviewed the same book in the same location that I did. The author thanked the other reviewer for their review but not me. I was crushed. My first reaction was that the author thought my review sucked. In my head I know that was not the case at all, but in my heart I was bummed. I felt defeated. I don’t take criticism well and, really, that wasn’t even criticism! So, I sulked for a bit.

While I processed that situation I realized that it was one stinking review that I may have worked on for about an hour. What about all those writers who pour their hearts and souls into their books that take days, months and years and then get negative feedback? How in the world do they keep going and write more books? ¬†That is when I told myself to quit my mental pity party about something so stupid and was reminded how much in awe I am of authors. Even though criticism will be there, writers don’t let it stop them from doing something they love.

Negative feedback stinks. That is the reason I choose not to post reviews on So Many Reads for books I do not like or would not recommend. I won’t like every book that I read but I also don’t want to write negative reviews for authors who spend so much time on them. There is enough negativity in the world and I want my blog to be a¬†positive¬†experience for both readers and authors. Plus, why do I want to spend time writing a review for a book I wouldn’t recommend? I know that might mean that I may not be taken as seriously or sought after to review books, but you know what? I am okay with that. It is who I am and what I want to do with this blog.

So, to all of the authors out there…thank you so much for spending so much of your time and energy writing a story that entertains us readers, even though you might receive criticism for it. I am truly in awe of all of you.

One thought on “In awe of writers and authors

  1. Amy, my guess is that the author got notice of a review at the place, saw the one and didn’t realize there was another one. Though this doesn’t pertain to your review, some authors don’t believe in replying to any reviews – and they tell that to other authors. When I first started on this journey, I believed those authors, yet it felt rude not to thank someone. I often emailed and thanked the reviewer privately instead.

    I try not to take reviews personally, After all, I don’t love some books that are huge bestsellers. But I do have to console myself sometimes by looking at the 5 and 4-star reviews that were (as a writer friend said) “by people who don’t know me.” lol

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