Review, Interview, & Giveaway: ICEBOUND by Julie Rowe

Update – Congratulations to Edie, the winner of Icebound from Julie!  Thank you to all who participated!

I first learned about the genre of medical romance from Twitter. I had no idea what to expect with a medical romance, but Icebound always seemed to have great quotes from Julie Rowe on Twitter so I decided to give it a shot.  

I had the pleasure of interviewing Julie and she is also giving away a copy of Icebound to one lucky reader, so don’t leave without leaving a comment below!

Official Summary:

Dr. Emilie Saunderson is driven to finish her late husband’s research. Her quest brings her to Antarctica, where she hopes to find a measure of peace in the isolated and icy wilderness. It’s the last place on earth she expects to be given a second chance at love.

Tom Wolinski loves his work at the bottom of the world. Damaged by his dark past, he has vowed never to get close to anyone—a promise that’s easy to keep in a place with no permanent residents. That is, until Emilie arrives, and he’s irresistibly drawn to her warmth and inner strength.

Emilie has no desire to get involved with another adventurer, and Tom has made it clear he’s not interested in putting down roots. But as they work together to survive in the harshest of climates, they turn to one another for comfort. Is the heat between them enough to melt the ice around their hearts, and bind them together forever?

So Many Reads Review:

This was a nice (yet cold!) read. The plot was like nothing else I have read before, which was refreshing. The story flows nicely and I read it in a little over 24 hours because I couldn’t put it down and had to see how things would end up. There were highs and lows in the book. I really like books that bring out different emotions from me while I am reading them and this one did.

I think Julie did a really nice job developing all the characters. The relationship between them seemed real for their situation and the characters responded within character to the events that happened. Emilie and Tom are two very strong, independent characters and it was fun to watch them work on their own and together. They both showed great growth over the story which I always like to see in the hero and heroine. Julie balanced the romance and medical aspects of the book perfectly. It would be fun to see what they were up to in the future and whether or not they stayed in Antarctica!

The only thing I wished the book had was more description of the station itself. I have a tough time visualizing things and couldn’t really picture the connecting points such as the cafeteria in relation to Club Med, the sleeping areas, etc. That being said it didn’t really affect my enjoyment of the story at all. I just wish I had a mental picture of the station better. I recommend Icebound to anyone interested in reading an emotional, suspenseful, clean medical romance. Once you have read Icebound, go to Julie’s website and read the free Epilogue (warning – there are spoilers in the Epilogue)!


Interview with Julie:

Amy with So Many Reads (SMR): Welcome to So Many Reads, Julie! When did you realize you wanted to write Medical Romance?

Julie: I’ve been writing for thirteen years now, ten before I sold my first manuscript to a traditional publisher. I tried writing several different genres of romance before tackling medical romance, so about four years after I first started writing.

SMR: Are you in the medical field and if so what do you do?

Julie: Yes, I’m a medical lab technologist. I worked in the Northwest Territories of Canada, then in Northern Alberta, Canada for several years.

SMR: Where did you come up with the inspiration/idea for Icebound?

Julie: I attended a conference where an editor suggested exotic or far away settings. It occurred to me that Antarctica was about as far away as anyone could get. Then I asked myself why would anyone want to go there (Ooh, they’re running away from their own lives!) and the concept for Icebound was born.

SMR: Do you ever use real life medical cases for your books?

Julie: Sort of, but not really. Oddly enough, most real life medical cases are often too unbelievable to use in a book. People do strange things when they’re under stress, in pain or confused. I do use bits and pieces of real cases sometimes, but I always change and adapt the circumstances to suit the characters and story.

SMR: Do you enjoy medical drama TV shows? If so, which are your favorites?

Julie: I watch shows like CSI, Bones and House. My kids find it fun to have me explain the difference between what we see on TV and how it works in real life. Sometimes the TV gets it right, sometimes not.

SMR: Which character from your books is most like you?

Julie: There’s a grain of me in the heroine Emilie, but there’s an even bigger grain of me in the hero Tom. I like to take care of everyone and often put other people’s needs in front of my own.

SMR: What do you hope people take away from your book Icebound?

Julie: Hope. Coping with grief is one of the themes I write about often in my books, and Icebound is a great example of this. If readers identify with the different kinds of grief Emilie, Tom and the rest of the crew have to deal with in the story I know I’ve done my job. After grief comes hope.



Julie is graciously giving away a digital copy of Icebound to one lucky commenter. To enter, simply reply below and let us know if you would ever willingly go to Antarctica! Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on Tuesday, March 26, 2013. Winner will be notified via email and announced on website.

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    • Paulette – IMO, medical romance is contemporary romance but the main characters work in the medical field and someone (or two) needs medical attention, but it isn’t like the medical drama’s on TV. In fact the four that I have read have not taken place in a traditional hospital or clinic. 🙂

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