If you haven’t read JB Lynn‘s Confessions Of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman books you are missing out. Seriously. These books always have me laughing in them even when they have some serious issues going on. In real life, don’t we laugh sometimes when we are at our worst?  I honestly haven’t read anything quite like JB Lynn’s books.

Official Summary:

Maggie Lee’s a lot of things:

The daughter of a mom in a mental institution and a dad serving time;

The niece of three meddling aunts;

The aunt (and now legal guardian) of her beloved niece, Katie;

The friend of a snarky lizard, a dyslexic Doberman, and a semi-psychic co-worker;

A contract killer.

But one thing she’d never thought she’d be is a thief.

That’s about to change as she heads to the casinos of Atlantic City tohelp her sexy murder mentor, Patrick Mulligan, steal something from a professional thief.Maggie’s never been lucky in love or money. Will this gamble pay off or will she lose her shirt, her heart or even her life?

So Many Reads Review:

If you have read the other Confessions books you must get this one and read it. Especially if you are fans of Patrick and Maggie! Patrick asks Maggie to help him with a job, which is a first, but she accepts. I mean who is going to tell a copy and a hitman no, right? Plus, Maggie likes Patrick. He is a good mentor and friend.

The job is in Atlantic City and Maggie needs to find a way to get there without raising any flags to her family. Well, thank goodness for Barry Manilow because one of his concerts is just the ticket. Armani is always hilarious and the person Maggie chooses to go with her to the concert since Armani is such a Manilow fan.

Of course as with the other books in the series you get the funny thoughts and sayings of Maggie and commentary from Godzilla and DeeDee. There are so many great quotable scenes from JB’s books and this one is no different. One of my favorites in this book is from Patrick, who is usually cool under any circumstance, “Seriously? We’re going to have a discussion about the socio-economic conditions in China? Or adoptive family dynamics instead of scoping out the damn job?” Patrick was a little frustrated with Maggie at the time.

Bottom line is that you will not be disappointed with this quick, fun, entertaining novella, so just go download it today. It makes me ready for the next full length installment about Maggie and Patrick!

So, who is a Barry Manilow fan?

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