Learning how to say no to keep the balance…

I don’t like to tell people no when they ask something of me. I just hate to disappoint people.  In starting this blog I couldn’t wait for authors and publishers to ask me to review their books, host giveaways and be a part of blog tours!  Well, I have officially said “yes” too many times. I am worried that if I say no then they won’t ask me again. Where has this gotten me? Overwhelmed and behind on my promises. In the big picture of things do they really care about one little review from me if I say no? Probably not.

So, what I want to know from y’all, is when you have taken on too much, how do you dig yourself out? How do you make sure not to take on too much in the future and achieve the right balance?

And for the song of the week (which has nothing to do with this blog topic but I love this song), here is P!nk with Just Give Me a Reason. Being the romantic I am, I love that the hot scenes in this video are P!nk and her husband, Carey. Enjoy!



8 thoughts on “Learning how to say no to keep the balance…

  1. From time to time I put a message on my contact page that I’m not accepting review books at this time. When I’m caught up I take that message off and soon after the review offers show up again. It works for me and publicists and authors seem to understand.

    • That is a good idea, Mary. I took down the page where people could request reviews. Most of the time it is the books I know I plan to read anyway! I am sure the authors and publishers will understand. Thank you!

  2. We do care, but we also understand that you’re overwhelmed. We’re overwhelmed, too! And you work outside of the home, and you have kids and a husband. That matters more than reading our books. I admire you for doing as much as you do.

    • Thanks, Edie. That is very kind of you. I am giving up some things and by the end of May I should be pretty caught up and back to a somewhat normal level of reading and reviewing books. I am also trying to find balance with my family and the women at church that depend on me. Sometimes I think I have to hit that wall before I know I am doing too much. I appreciate your support as always. 🙂

  3. When you take on too much you have to remember what is most important in your life and prioritize according to those who mean the most to you. Think about what a difference what you choose to do now will make in a week, a month or even a year from now. If it loses its importance in light of that time frame then give
    it up and provide yourself with the time to do what makes you and your family the most happy.

    • Thanks, Mary. These are very wise words that are challenging me to think about what is the most important. I sometimes lose focus about what my blog is about. I read books and decided to make it another place to publish reviews for authors and to talk about the books I like. I need to remember that simple model. It is all I can do right now. Simplicity always makes things more clear. Thank you!

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