My First Author Event – Lady Jane’s Salon in Naperville

I still consider myself new to the author/reader community. I have been following authors on social media and writing reviews for a little over a year. I started this blog just this past December. So, I still feel new.  I have never met an author in person before – no library signings, nothing. Last week I attended my first Author event at Lady Jane’s Salon in Naperville, Illinois with my mother and sister!

I was so insanely nervous about it. Not only was I going to a reading where I could actually meet and talk with authors, but I was invited to dinner by a couple of authors I have gotten to know online – Adrienne Giordano and Tracey Devlyn.  Dinner was fantastic and my suspicions were confirmed – Adrienne is hilarious. She tells fun stories and isn’t afraid to laugh at herself. I love that authenticity. Tracey is just as sweet as I expected her to be, too. I hope I get more chances to hang out with them in the future because I truly enjoyed their company.

At Lady Jane’s Salon I was able to listen to several new-to-me authors read from their books. It was fun listening to authors tell their stories with such emotion behind it. The authors that read from their books the night I attended included Sara Daniel, Allie PleiterSherrill Bodine, and Denise Swanson. After listening to these authors read from their stories, there was an author chat between Julie James and Dear Author’s Jane Litte. That was a bonus for me because I really enjoy Julie James’ books but did not expect to see her at Lady Jane’s. After the chat we had the chance to interact with the authors. All of the authors were very kind and friendly.

Adrienne and Tracey were magnificent hosts as the event was relaxed, intimate and comfortable. I really don’t know why I was so nervous because everyone I met was kind and friendly and down to earth. It was a very enjoyable event that I plan to attend in the future. I am horrible at remembering to take pictures, but below are a couple of pictures taken from the event.

I met Adrienne Giordano and Tracey Devlyn for the first time at Lady Jane’s in Naperville on April 2, 2013!



I also met Julie James at Lady Jane’s in Napverville on April 2, 2013!


So, readers and authors – what was your first author event?

3 thoughts on “My First Author Event – Lady Jane’s Salon in Naperville

  1. Sue Grafton! There was a big event in downtown Milwaukee, a luncheon and a talk by her. She was funny and witty and interesting. Before she started writing books, she was a screenwriter. She said her father had been a mystery writer (though nowhere as popular as her).

    Shortly after her talk, I found a book of his in a used book store. I bought it and mailed it to her. I got back a sweet thank you note, and ever since I’ve been on her Christmas mailing list. I get a card and usually a fun promotional item.

    I’m glad you had such a good time at Lady Jane’s!

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