Review, Interview, and Giveaway: AN AFFAIR IN APRIL by Clarice Wynter

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I don’t know about you guys but I am loving Clarice Wynter’s Spring River Valley Series. She is releasing a novella each month and they are great! They are light, fun  contemporary romances.  All of the characters are connected somehow, so it is fun to read about characters you already know, but you won’t be lost reading one if you don’t start at the beginning either. 

I am excited that I got the chance to interview Clarice and get the scoop behind the series. Clarice is also giving away a copy to one luck reader, so don’t leave without commenting below!

Official Summary:

Lifestyle reporter Evie Prentice decides the wisest move is to protect her heart when, while on assignment, she lands in the arms of sexy self-defense instructor Tanner Croft, a man with a reputation for charming all the ladies in town.

Tanner relishes the challenge of convincing the prickly journalist to take a chance on him, but when a public scandal gives Evie the opportunity to grab a front page headline, the connection they forged is threatened.

Will a question of trust cool their love affair just when things start to heat up in Spring River Valley?

So Many Reads Review:

An Affair in April is playful and fun but also serious and emotional at times. The Spring River Valley series is so fun to read. The writing is smooth and easy to follow and the plot in each story is very well done for the length of the book. Sometimes novellas can come off as rushed and unrealistic but Clarice manages to pull it off well.  I like that the stories are connected, but you can read them as stand alone books as well. Clarice does a wonderful job bringing in secondary characters to each story that you grow to love and want to read about.

Tanner and Evie meet when Evie attends one of Tanner’s self defense classes for senior citizens in order to write a story about it.  From the first scene we see the chemistry the two have. Tanner wants to go with it but Evie a little hesitant. Evie not only wants to protect her heart from the flirtatious, lady charmer that Tanner is, but also focus on advancing her career in journalism. She is sick of reporting on the Lifestyle issues. She wants her name on the front page of the newspaper.

Once Tanner convinces Evie to give the two of them a try they fall into their relationship easily. They are relaxed and enjoy each other’s company. You get to see two people that are really meant to be together. When Evie lands in the right place at the right time and gets first dibs on a potential breaking news story, she has to decide what she is going to pick – her career or her heart. If you are looking for a quick, fun, contemporary romance read, I highly recommend you read An Affair in April along with the others in  the Spring River Valley series throughout 2013.


Interview with Clarice:

Amy with So Many Reads (SMR): Thanks for joining us at So Many Reads, Clarice! To get started, Tell us a little about the Spring River Valley Series.

Clarice: The series follows twelve couples in the fictional town of Spring River Valley, New York. The stories are interrelated, so readers will see familiar faces from one book to the next – and I hope become as comfortable in Spring River Valley as I am.

SMR: There will be a novella out each month, correct?

Clarice: Yes, there’s one story for each month of the year. [Of course, if I were to get a lot of requests, I might be inclined to release a story early…]

SMR: Do the books need to be read in order? Will we see the same characters in each book?

Clarice: Technically the books don’t need to be read in order. It does help – and readers will be meeting some characters in the book previous to the one they ‘star’ in, and others will appear in several books.

SMR: Where did you come up with the idea to write a series like this?

Clarice: I actually woke up with the idea one morning in late 2011. I spent all of 2012 working on plotting the books, writing and lining up cover art to give the series a cohesive look. I think the idea actually sprang from seeing so many long-running soap operas going off the air. I know a lot of fans and readers love recurring characters and love the idea of creating a setting where they can feel at home.

SMR: What has been the best part about writing this series?

Clarice: The best part was planning it. Believe it or not, I had tons of fun making charts to show how all the characters know each other and learning what their interactions would be. I wrote like mad in early 2012, and I really enjoyed the momentum I had. Having that much excitement over a project really gave my creativity a boost.

SMR: What has been the biggest challenge in writing this series?

Clarice: The biggest challenge has been combating burnout. I wrote over 200,000 words in the early part of 2012 and discovered it’s just impossible to maintain that level of productivity. I’ve had to rearrange my writing schedule a number of times, and it’s still in flux.

SMR: Are any of the characters modeled after real life events or people?

Clarice: I think there’s a little bit of me in all my heroines, but other than that, no one is based on someone particular.

SMR: Of the characters in the books you have written in this series, is there a heroine that is most like you?

Clarice: That’s a tough question. I think Lydia from AWAKENED IN AUGUST shares some of my new age views on health and wellness and Lily from SEDUCED IN SEPTEMBER represents the introvert in me.

SMR: I know that this question is like a mother picking their favorite child, but do you have a favorite story in this series? 

Clarice: Well, they’re not all finished yet, so it’s hard to say, but FIXED UP IN FEBRUARY is probably going to remain high on my list of favorites. I loved the interactions between Max and Audrey and I’m partial to lavender [the color of the February cover.]

SMR: What do you hope readers will get out of these books?

Clarice: Hopefully they’ll get to meet a collection of characters they can relate to and a setting they’ll want to visit over and over again. I wanted to give readers easy, readable, enjoyable love stories that will make them feel good and deliver the happy endings all romance fans love.

SMR: Thank you for answering my questions!

Clarice: Thanks for having me!



Clarice is giving away a digital copy of An Affair in April to one lucky reader. To enter, comment below and tell us if you have ever hesitated to give love a try. Contest is open until 11:59 pm central time on April 4, 2013. Winner will be notified via email and then announced on website. 

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