Review: LET ME IN by Callie Croix

I am very selective in the erotic romance books I read so I don’t pick up just any book. Because I don’t read a lot of erotic romance, when I am in the mood for a steamy read I turn to the authors I trust to write books that have a good story to go with them. I can’t read about people just having sex.  Callie Croix is one of those authors I trust, though. Let Me In is an awesome read because I couldn’t tell that I was reading erotic. It is more like a hot contemporary romance. I loved that!

lmiWow, does this book have a lot of emotional ups and downs. I really enjoyed the plot and the pace at which it moved along. This book seems more like a hot contemporary romance than an erotic romance to me which is a good thing in my opinion. That probably isn’t good for those that read erotic all the time and like lots of hot and steamy scenes throughout the book, but for those that want their first taste at an erotic romance categorized as such or like a more hot contemporary romance, this is a great one to try. There are a some very hot and steamy scenes in this book but that wasn’t all. It is the perfect balance for what I look for in a book with some heat.

Liam loves Talia. He has for the past couple of years but she has held him at arms length. We find out it is because of her mother and the shame Talia feels for the situation her mother is in. Liam is a Marine, though and doesn’t give up easily. He continues to pull Talia in closer and uses whatever he can to get through her defenses. Liam always says what you want him to, which is what I love about him. He is direct and to the point. He callsTalia out on things and doesn’t let her hide.

Callie does a wonderful job developing Talia. She is such a complicated character trying to take on so much by herself. I admire her strength and loyalty to her mom and her country, but she needs to let others help her more. She wants to let Liam in but is afraid.

I can never say enough great things about Callie’s books. Her writing is always spot on, consistent and her characters always tug at your heart. If you are looking for a sexy, emotional read with a sweet romance to go along with it, I highly recommend you try Let Me In by Callie Croix.

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About the Book:

Title: Let Me In
Author: Callie Croix
Publisher: Carina Press
Release Date: May 21, 2012
Category: Erotic Romance
Source: Purchased from Barnes & Noble

Book Summary:

On leave for Thanksgiving, the last thing marine lieutenant Talia Barnett expects to find is Liam Brodie waiting for her at the airport. He’s had a starring role in her fantasies for the past two years, and although she’d love to make them a reality, she has a dark secret that prevents her from taking things further.

A former Marine, Liam’s specialty is planning tactical operations, and that’s just what he plans to do to win Talia. The woman has kept him at arm’s length for too long, and this time he’s finally going to claim her—body and heart.

What begins as comfort quickly turns hot. When Liam shows Talia a hint of the dominant nature inside him, the submissive part of her flares to life. Though she desires him, she’s going back on deployment and doesn’t want to dump all her drama on him. Will he find a way to break through the protective walls around her heart and convince her they have a future that goes far beyond the bedroom?

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