Interview & Giveaway: LOVE IRRESISTIBLY by Julie James

Update – Congratulations to Kate Kristan for winning the copy of LOVE IRRESISTIBLY! Thank you to all who participated.

Tomorrow is Release Day for Love Irresistibly by Julie James! If you like contemporary romance, you will love Julie’s books. Julie is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author that spent seven years in Champaign-Urbana at the University of Illinois for her Undergraduate Degree and Law Degree.  Since I live in the area, it has been so much fun reading her books that include references to the University of Illinois. Not many people reference Champaign-Urbana because, really, in Illinois it’s all about Chicago.

Julie was very sweet to take some time from her very busy schedule to answer a couple of my questions about her time at UIUC. She is also giving away a signed copy of Love Irresistibly to one lucky commenter, so don’t leave before you have left a comment. To read my review of Love Irresistibly, go to Magical Musings.

Official Summary:


A former football star and one of Chicago’s top prosecutors, Assistant U.S. Attorney Cade Morgan will do anything to nail a corrupt state senator, which means he needs Brooke Parker’s help. As general counsel for a restaurant company, she can get a bug to the senator’s table at one of her five-star restaurants so the FBI can eavesdrop on him. All Cade has to do is convince Brooke to cooperate—and he’s not afraid to use a little charm, or the power of his office, to do just that.


A savvy businesswoman, Brooke knows she needs to play ball with the U.S. Attorney’s office—even if it means working with Cade. No doubt there’s a sizzling attraction beneath all their sarcastic quips, but Brooke is determined to keep things casual. Cade agrees—until a surprising turn of events throws his life into turmoil, and he realizes that he wants more than just a good time from the one woman with whom he could fall terrifyingly, irresistibly in love . . .


Interview with Julie James:

Amy with So Many Reads (SMR): Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions today, Julie. What was your favorite non-restaurant hangout while you were at University of Illinois?

Julie: I like this question! It brings back memories of my favorite UIUC spots, which changed throughout my seven years in Champaig-Urbana.  Freshman and sophomore year we hung out at Kam’s and C.O.’s.  Then we switched to The Clybourne later in undergrad. In law school, we hung out mostly at off-campus bars.  One of our favorite hangouts was The Office in Urbana–which I’ve heard has since closed. (Sad.) My friends and I played Beer League Darts there, and they also had great specials for Friday happy hour. Friday and Saturday nights we hung out a lot at Jupiter in downtown Champaign.

SMR: What was your favorite restaurant in Champaign-Urbana?

Julie: Well, I went to school on student loans, so the “restaurants” I frequented the most were probably Jimmy John’s, Bub’s (for pizza), and the Pizza Hut lunch buffet. A big date night splurge would’ve been at Timpone’s or Radio Maria.

SMR: In Love Irresistibly, we hear about a romantic moment between Kyle and Rylann (from About That Night) that takes place in Champaign. Did you base that on a real location–maybe where you lived while in school? If so, care to share where that was?

Julie: LOL, I admit–the Champaign apartment where Rylann lives for the law school scenes in About That Night, and the later romantic scene in Love Irresistibly, was based on the apartment I lived in on Locust Street.

SMR: Thanks for joining us today, Julie!  



To be entered in the giveaway to receive a signed copy of Love Irresistibly, simply comment below and tell us about your favorite restaurant where it is located (should any of us want to experience it)! Contest is open until 11:59 pm central time on Tuesday, April 2, 2013. Winner will be notified via email and announced on website.

35 thoughts on “Interview & Giveaway: LOVE IRRESISTIBLY by Julie James

  1. Thanks for the fun interview with Julie, Amy! I always look forward to Julie’s books. I love Chinese food, so there’s lots of restaurants to choose from in Chinatown. As long as they have good Dim Sum, I’m there! 🙂

  2. I’m so excited for this book to come out!!! I love every place to eat in Greektown in Detroit – amazing & fun 🙂

  3. If I could eat at any restaurant in the world tonight, it would be Gianni Franzi in Vernazza, Italy. Just the thought of their pesto has my mouth watering.

  4. My favorite Restaurant is La Viola on 17th Street in Philadelphia. It’s a tiny little Italian BYOB restaurant with Italian waiters and delicious, authentic food! It’s inexpensive, delicious, and oh so fun! It is so popular that they opened another restaurant La Viola East right across the street from the first one. It’s a tiny mom-n-pop place so they needed extra space to seat all the guests. For anyone who loves good food and handsome Italian waiters, I highly recommend it!

  5. We live in the Seattle area and I can’t really say I have a favorite but my husband and I love going to new places and we love trying the little hole in the wall places. I can’t say we have found one that we want to visit over and over, but we love going to a different one each time and trying something new and there are so many places to try over here!

  6. Congratulations on the new release. There are many good restaurants around here, but I tend to like the convenience of fast food, rather than fine dining.

  7. i live in hawaii and i really like jj’s french bistro on kaimuki on the island of oahu. the desserts are to die for!

  8. The guys in my family would say Melt Bar and Grilled in Cleveland, OH…I’ve been sick all weekend and nothing sounds good to me right now!
    Just got a message that your new book will be delivered tomorrow! But I would love to win a copy to share with a friend!

  9. Thanks for the interview! My favorite restaurant is Melting Pot. I love fondue and my husband and I have gone there to celebrate everything big that we’ve accomplished in the last 17 years. Yum!

  10. Terrific interview. My favorite restaurant is in Carmel, Ca. and is called da Giovanni. Every year my husband and I spend a few days in Carmel on our anniversary and always eat at this fabulous restaurant. The food is excellent, the restaurant romantic, and the service is terrific.

  11. Love reading everyone’s comments — I live in Plano too and I’ve never heard of Kenny’s Burgers — we’ll have to try! Thanks for explaining the personal parts of your books — just makes it more special to me! Please keep writing!!! Really enjoy your books

  12. Since I live outside of the US I’ll tell you about my fav restaurant from my trips to the US which is The Cheesecake Factory.

  13. My favorite restaurant is Que Viet in Northeast Minneapolis, they have the best hot and spicy chicken. I live in Austin, TX now but whenever I visit family I have to go here.

  14. Thank you for the giveaway. I live in a small town but my favorite restaurant would be my Papa’s which is named Watermill Restaurant it’s right off Exit 53 in Cave City, KY on the way to Mammoth Cave National Park.

  15. I have too many favorite restaurants! 😉 I definitely love Olive Garden and Lone Star Steakhouse.. But the one I go to the most is The Patio (it’s known for the ribs)

  16. My local favorite is called Town Bistro. They have the best scallops! They are Panko crusted and just so good paired with a bottle of wine. We don’t get to go there often as it really isn’t all that kid friendly. But it’s great for date night! If I am out shopping, I usually go for Chipotle. I can’t get enough of their chicken burritos. If we are out with the kids, it’s pizza all the way. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Love the interview! I am from Champaign too and when I was reading your other books I was so excited to be able to picture the places in the book! I especially loved that you talked about spending your finals week at “IMPE” which is now called ARC and I work there!!

    As far as favorite restaurants there aren’t as many unique choices around town but I am always a sucker for a good Mexican place, my vote is for Mas Amigos.

  18. I absolutely can’t wait to read Love Irresistibly! I’m in love with this series. I’ve lived outside of the Twin Cities for about 8 years now, but I don’t think I have a favorite restaurant out here. Although Las Margaritas in Woodbury makes a killer margarita 🙂 I lived in Columbus, OH, for most of my life and one of my favorite places was J. Alexander’s. From the starter salad and flakey croissant they served with it, to the cooked to perfection filet…mmmm, my mouth is watering!

  19. I love this Italian restaurant in North Royalton, OH called Carrie Cerino’s. It is family owned and this year is their 50th Anniversary! Everything is home made!

  20. Ooh, now I am trying to remember the name of the place in Urbana that was known for its malts. In Champaign a special treat was Papa Del’s

  21. I can’t really wait for Love Irrisistibly! Great interview.

    I love anything Japanese. There’s a local restaurant called Sakae Sushi. I really like the authentic taste of the food and the great ambiance.

  22. Counting down the hours till midnight when LI is released to my kindle!

    It’s tough to pick a “favorite” restaurant, but if we’re in the mood for Italian, we pick Trattoria Pomigliano in Libertyville, IL…great old world Italian food! nom nom nom

  23. Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is my favorite restaurant in Chicago. (: Really excited for the book to be released! 😀

  24. I am loving all these comments! Now I have a list of places to eat if I go to any of these locations! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  25. My fave restaurant is called Solaria, where I usually hang out with my girlfriends and talk about books and movies for hours. It’s a cool restaurant with comfortable sofas, great and not so pricey food :))

    Thanks for the giveaway. Um, is it international? 😀

  26. My favorite restaurant is a place called Palatal Express here in Winnipeg, MB Canada. It’s Mongolian stir-fry. You heap whatever veggies and meat you want on the style of noodles and they cook it right in front of you. Delish!

    I’m so looking forward to Love Irresistably! I couldn’t get enough of About That Night and been waiting impatiently for Cade’s book. Thanks for the giveaway 😀

  27. I don´t know if this is open internationally but I try anyway 🙂

    My favorite restaurant is here in Germany the Kado sushi place. They make awesome sushi and the atmosphere is small, familiar and relaxing.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. Hi all – thanks again for commenting on the blog! I met Julie last night in person for the first time and she mentioned that she did read all the comments submitted but did not have time to respond to each one! She is very sweet in person!

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