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I love the Kali Sweet Series by Misty Evans. Where else can you get a snarky, vengeance demon who loves humans and kicks ass? The third book in the series, Sweet Soldier is just as action packed as the first two.  I always wonder how Misty is going to top the last book but she always does. In Sweet Soldier, it is up to Kali to stop the coming apocalypse. No pressure or anything, Kali!

15Kali has a lot of men in her life that want to do her bidding. After reading the first two books, I have developed a crush on Damon, Kali’s boss, but not the hero in the book. Radison “Rad” Beaumont is the hero. He is the sexy, rocking Chaos Demon who falls short of my (and Kali’s) expectations sometimes but often there is so much going on in the books that no one has time to dwell on that. Then we have Alexandru, the Master Vamp whose blood Kali needs to stay strong. Dru would like nothing more than to take Kali to bed, and is a big source of the chaos that happens when Rad is around and sees Dru trying to lure Kali away. We also have Cole, her War demon bodyguard and close friend. Love that guy.

But, in Sweet Soldier, on top of all the men causing Kali unnecessary craziness in her life she has real issues to tend to, namely saving the world from the Apocalypse.Throw in the Pope, Lucifer, some torture and you have a pretty exciting story that doesn’t slow down until the end of the book. Something that makes these books great is that there is never just one obstacle Kali has to overcome – there are many. In Sweet Soldier Kali even makes a trip over to Vatican City! There are many surprises in this book and wish I could talk about them without spoiling the story!

Misty does a fantastic job with Sweet Soldier. She finds the perfect balance of action and romance. I love how Kali has grown so much over the past couple of books. If you love Urban Fantasy, I highly recommend you give Sweet Soldier a try. The Kali Sweet Series is one that all women should read. It includes a kickass vengeance demon who loves humans.

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About the Book:

Title: Sweet Soldier (Kali Sweet Urban Fantasy, #3)
Author: Misty Evans
Release Date: April 9, 2013
Category: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Source: ARC received from Author

Book Summary:

Armageddon is coming and it’s up to me to stop the Four Horsemen and their heavenly army of angels. Unfortunately, one of the Horsemen happens to be my rock star boyfriend, Radison Beaumont. At least that’s what his ex-fiancée, Parker Burkett, claims.

Parker wants revenge on me for stealing Rad and she’s working with my archenemy, Queen Maria, a succubus who wants me back in her court of supernaturals. The only way I can stop them and the coming biblical apocalypse is to recruit an army – an army led by the king of hell.

Lucifer’s not about to help without getting something in return, and following anyone’s orders – even his – is not my style. I’m turning my inner demon loose on Parker, Maria, and the Horsemen – and saving the humans I love at the same time.

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Interview with Kali:

Amy: Thanks for joining us today, Kali. To start off, tell us a little about your role with the Bridge Institute and Sweet Investigations.

Kali: Thank you for inviting me to visit today, Amy. Nice place you have here.

The Bridge Institute is a supernatural organization that employs demons like me to protect humans and my role is as enforcer. Demons and other supes tend to use and abuse humans – for instance, vampires feeding on humans to the point of killing them. My job is to stop that kind of abuse.

Sweet Investigations is a separate business I run with the help of a couple of my friends. I investigate cases of supernaturals and humans having inappropriate relationships – like a succubus using a human to feed on or a (human) witch raising a demon to do her dirty work.

Amy: Why do you care about humans so much?

Kali: For several hundred years, I wondered that myself, but recently I learned I’m part virtue as well as part vice. The virtuous side drives me to protect humans, and honestly, I long to be one of them – I want to have their vast range of emotions, and I’m jealous of their creativity. To be able to create music, movies, books…I covet that. Demons do not possess much in the creativity department except when it comes to escaping from hell.

Amy: How did you meet your boss, Damon?

Kali: I was in a bad place emotionally when Damon found me. My family had been killed by the Noctifectors – a band of demon slayers – and my fiancé had disappeared the night we were to be married. I was alone in the world and very, very angry. Damon’s wife happened to hire me to investigate him, believing he was cheating on her. Turned out he wasn’t cheating on her and he saw the potential in me to become an enforcer for The Institute. It took a while, but eventually he wore me down, helped me contain my inner demon, and I joined his team.

Amy: Since the beginning of the series you have added quite a lot of friends to your life. You were more of an “island” before not wanting to risk anyone else’s life so you kept your distance. Now you have a lot of people depending on you but also wanting to help you. How do you handle those expectations?

Kali: I suck at it. I’m not one to ask for help, so I struggle with accepting it. Ask any of my friends – they’ll tell you I’m a bitch to live with. They’ll also tell you I’m 100% loyal and will do whatever it takes to protect them. I hate putting them in danger.

Amy: What do you like to do when you are not out on an assignment/job (whatever you want to call it)?

Kali: I don’t have free time for the most part, but I carve out time to spend with Rad. He’s always playing some new tune for me, or trying to get in my pants. Can’t say I mind either.

Amy: Let’s talk about Rad. How would you describe him to someone and not just the factual details?

Kali: Rad is part human and that encompasses all the normal human emotions jacked up to a supernatural level thanks to his demon side. When I’m with him – hell, even when I’m just thinking about him – I get swept away by those emotions. It’s one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced. A high without magic or any type of drug. He’s the most creative male I’ve ever met…and not just in the music department. Cooking, manipulating me, sex…you name it, the Chaos demon is inventive and resourceful.

Amy: How did you and Rad meet?

Kali: We met at Queen Maria’s supernatural court in Rome during the early 1700’s. I was one of her denizens, assigned to torture and kill humans and supernaturals in the torture chambers. Rad was the French emissary who came to court to strike deals between her and his father in Paris. Rad’s good looks, haunting voice, and his ability to beat everyone in cards made him very attractive to Maria. But he fell for me instead. We were both cursed from the moment she realized it.

Amy: Rad talks in Sweet Soldier about wanting to go on a vacation with you. Where do you think you would go if you had the opportunity?

Kali: Rad wants to take me back to Rome so I can put old ghosts to rest and enjoy the city it’s become since I left. I’d rather poke my eye out with a dull butter knife. I’ve never had a vacation, so I’m not sure where I’d want to go. Somewhere secluded probably, like the mountains or a deserted island.

Amy: What do you want people to get out of your latest story Sweet Soldier, besides entertainment?

Kali: Entertainment is first and foremost what’s important. Beyond that, I hope readers take away a new understanding of good and evil, and that the incident with Damon reminds them to appreciate the important people in their life. I’ve now realized I’m blessed with a bounty of friends and mentors. I plan to appreciate them more from now on.

Amy: Thank you for joining us, Kali!

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Misty is giving away a digital copy of Sweet Soldier to one lucky commenter!  To enter, please leave a comment letting us know which supernatural character you would fear the most? Vampire? Demon? Werewolf? Ghost? Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm central time on Thursday, April 11, 2013. Winner will be notified via email and announced on website.

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