Lists, lists, and more lists!

Are you a list maker? I am pretty sure Jeffe Kennedy is. I have read some of her blog posts and she has some serious list-making abilities.  At home, we use an app called Remember The Milk that we started using for a grocery list. It is awesome that I can be at the grocery store using it on my phone while my husband updates it from his computer. This app also has ways to link lists together. Now we have about 10 lists on that app for various things.  It is very handy!

A couple of years ago I started using Goodreads for my book lists.  I thought it was fantastic.  A place to record all the books I have read and add books to my to-be-read (TBR) list. At the time I probably only had about 5 books on my TBR list.  But, then I got a Nook. And started buying book after book. I mean, hey, a deal’s a deal so even if I don’t plan to read it right away I should at least buy it, right? Yeah, maybe not. Not only do I buy Nook books, I also buy Kindle books if there is a deal there and started winning paperback books. I now have over 100 books I own (yes, own) that I haven’t read yet.

Since I have books to review for Fresh Fiction, books to review for Magical Musings, books to review for So Many Reads, and books I just bought and want to read, I had to find a way! Goodreads couldn’t keep up with what I wanted to do with that list, and it just didn’t work in Remember The Milk, so I now have a list in an Excel spreadsheet for these books. Sometimes simple is better.

So, how do you manage your TBR list? 

4 thoughts on “Lists, lists, and more lists!

  1. I recently printed out my list of kindle books (owned) by author and then by title. At least I know what I have now and can check them off as I read them.

  2. I’m not an organized person. I’ve more than once tried to buy Kindle books that I already own. It does remind me to read them. I buy way more than I have time to read, and I love so read, so I hate that.

    • I have done the opposite where I thought I owned a book but then realized I read it via NetGalley where it is only loaned to me for x number of days. 🙂

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