One thing you will learn about me is that I obsess over things. And I am talking about the things I can control – not the worry type of obsession over an illness.

I obsess over things I probably shouldn’t. For example, when I hear a new song that I love, I obsess over it. I listen to it multiple times in a day, sometimes put it on repeat over and over. When I find a new TV show I like, I try to watch all the episodes I have missed all at once and yes, I do sometimes watch them multiple times. Before I was online interacting with authors I didn’t have a TBR list at all (imagine that) so I would read the same books over and over.  I was obsessed with the characters. I think I read Shannon Stacey’s Exclusively Yours about 10 times within the span of two months. When I started interacting with authors on Twitter, I was obsessed with learning about the authors and felt the need to be on Twitter all the time. When I first learned about giveaways I was obsessed with entering every giveaway imaginable. That obsession takes a lot of time. Time that I SHOULD be spending on other things.

I wish I obsessed over cleaning my house. And exercising. And God. The things that I am supposed to do I don’t obsess over. I wonder why that is? When I do obsess over things like songs and books and anything else entertainment-wise it is hard to find balance. How much is too much? While I go ponder that and ask God to help me figure that out, I will leave you with a picture of my new obsession. And just to be clear, I have been obsessed with the show White Collar, not necessarily Matt Bomer…

Matt Bomer from White Collar. Photo courtesy of Examiner.com

What do you obsess over?

6 thoughts on “Obsession

  1. I think some songs and books hit your ‘heart spot.’ I normally don’t read books over again now–though I used to–but two nights ago, I read Phoenix Falling by Mary Jo Putney, and I want to read that again.

    And if your obsessions aren’t hurting anyone and give you enjoyment, then just enjoy!

    • Yes, I think you are right, Edie. It is finding that balance that doesn’t hurt others (including yourself).

  2. Ok, you can tell Rob you obsess about the show, but we reall know it is all about Matt. HAHA. My problem is obsessing about diets. I will hit them hard core and do great then fall off and have to start all over again. Currently obsessing about a Bag fitness class I am taking. Hopefully I will stick with this one 🙂

    • Paulette – What is a Bag fitness class? I hope you are able to stick with it! Diets are hard. I am currently trying to do the protein shake thing and I can do it during the day while I am at work. It is at home at night when there is an endless supply of food in the fridge that I become weak.

    • Hi Jeffe – I certainly have passion for things. It is just a matter of where I direct that attention. It is funny because some things I go all out on and other times my nick name is “Shortcut Remus.” Sigh.

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