Review: TALES FROM A SPACIOUS PLACE by Elizabeth Frerichs

Wow. I haven’t read anything like Tales from a Spacious Place before. It is a collection of short stories that are convicting yet so motivating and inspirational.


Official Summary:

What if God took you through the looking glass? What if, in a single step, you could cross from everyday reality into something entirely different?

A wrought iron door leads to a well-stocked cellar, lined with precious vintages . . . or do the bottles contain something more sinister? Is death masquerading as solace? Only a trip into a deeper reality will pry unwilling eyes open to the truth.

The fight to discover truth continues in the halls of an art museum. An artist mutilates sculptures, re-sculpting their faces to match his own. His collection of destroyed sculptures sets the stage for a battle to preserve individuality. Can anyone stop him?

In these seven short stories Elizabeth Frerichs explores the cramped doorways God uses to bring us out into a spacious place.

So Many Reads Review:

Even though I read a lot of books and plan on what I am reading next, I think God leads me to specific books at certain times. God’s timing is always perfect and reading this one at this point in my life, was exactly what I needed. Tales from a Spacious Place is both convicting and reassuring. Reading these short stories makes me wish that I could wake up and walk with Jesus in the flesh every day.

The writing in Tales from a Spacious Place is so honest and seems to be from the heart. I was hanging on every word Elizabeth Frerichs wrote. Even when you understand where the story might be taking you or what might be said, you still want to know how the main character will respond. The reader may not have experienced the specific situation that main character finds themselves in, the stories are very relevant to life experiences for everyone.

While reading this book, I couldn’t help but think that it would make for a great bible study for a small group or women’s study. It presents God’s word in a way that pulls the reader into a story but also includes plenty of scripture references to back up the dialogue. If you are looking for an Inspirational Christian read, I highly recommend you try Tales from a Spacious Place!

Where have you found inspiration or reassurance lately?

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