Review: THE SHOPPE OF SPELLS by Shanon Grey

It has been about a year since I have read The Shoppe Of Spells, but it is a good one and I wanted to let you all know about it because I hear the next book in the series titled Meadow’s Keep is coming out next week.

Official Summary:

When is a whole more than the sum of its parts? When it has ties to the quaint little town of Ruthorford, GA, as Morgan Briscoe discovers when a cryptic message threatens to change her life forever.

Morgan’s relatively normal life is turned on its ear when she learns not only that she is adopted, but her birth parents are dead and she now holds half-interest in a business with their ward, Dorian Drake, who, despite his riveting good looks, can barely conceal his hostility toward his new partner.

Morgan discovers that she is more than she seems and together she and Dorian have the ability to control a portal to another dimension. Unable to control their growing attraction, Morgan and Dorian dance around their desires and her burgeoning abilities, until danger forces them to face their destiny.

So Many Reads Review:

This was a very interesting read. I wasn’t sure what to expect since it was not my typical type of book I would pick up last year (boy have I changed my tune a lot with fantasy books, though). I saw a lot of quotes from Shanon on Twitter and those quotes from the book are what led me to pick up this book. I am glad I did. It was a very neat story. Morgan was thrown into a life she never thought she would be living. She didn’t learn until she was an adult that she was adopted after her birth parents passed away leaving her a lot to learn about. She discovered she held certain “powers” that when combined with Dorian, could change lives.

I thought Shanon’s writing was very easy to follow and I loved the way she described her settings. I could always smell the herbs she spoke about and feel the electricity that happened between Dorian and Morgan. Shanon wrote a magical story that was very easy to believe could really happen. Dorian and Morgan’s romance was very slow to build, which was good in this case, as it was more believable. They definitely had physical chemistry, but they didn’t act on it which was nice and fit the story and the characters very well.

I really enjoyed how the town of Rutherford stuck together as did Morgan’s family and friends when things went downhill.I look forward to the next book in the series. If you like fantasy romance with magic as the key element and heartwarming relationships, I really recommend you try The Shoppe of Spells by Shanon Grey.

What was the last fantasy/paranormal story you read?


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