My Real Life Hero

Happy Birthday to my beloved husband today! You all know I love to read romance books and I swoon over the heroes in those books all the time. Well, my husband is my real life hero. Reading romance books actually reminds me of how lucky I am to have him. We have been together for 17 years and married for the last 14 of those years. Because it is his birthday it was time for me to write my list for him. We have started a tradition in our family that on each birthday the other family members write a “Ten Things I Love About…” for the birthday person. We usually go out to dinner and give the birthday girl or guy the list to read. For me it has become the highlight of each birthday!

Here are ten things I love about my husband (in no particular order).

  1. He is my best friend. We have always been very open with each other. We can tell each other anything, no matter how embarrassing. I love that we can share our dreams and fantasies with one another.
  2. He loves God. He has grown so much from the skeptic when I first met him to someone who loves God unconditionally. Our marriage has changed because of both of our love for God, but he takes on the role of Head of the Household when it comes to our family’s faith and sets a wonderful example for our kids.
  3. He loves our family with everything he’s got. Every decision he makes for our family he truly believes is the best for all of us. He is willing to forgo his own needs to make us happy.
  4. He doesn’t do anything less than 100%. Sometimes this trait can be annoying, but when he makes a decision to do something, whether it is deciding to run a 1/2 marathon or coach our son’s baseball team he goes at it 100%.
  5. He is a quiet alpha male. I love those take-charge alpha males I read about. My husband wants to be in control of every situation although he isn’t a ready-fire-aim type guy. He plans things out logically and cares for the people he is leading. He steps up in a time of crisis.
  6. He is stable. He doesn’t fly off the handle or get overly dramatic or emotional. When I am overly dramatic he is the one to calm me down and help me think things through logically. I hate that. But I love it, too.
  7. He can be a bad boy when he wants to be. He is responsible and reserved but he also knows how to push things to the edge and have fun, too. I like it when he lets loose. 😉
  8. He is passionate. One of his love languages is physical touch. I used to hate that he always wanted to be hugging me or holding my hand or even swatting me on the butt when he walks by. I love it now and I hope it never changes.
  9. He has a great sense of humor. Yes, it is dry like his father’s sometimes but he loves to make jokes for the kids and I love that easy going part of his personality. I also love hearing him laugh. Because he is so even-keeled and reserved, when he lets loose with a belly laugh it is music to my ears.
  10. He is the best Dad in the world. That is one of the biggest turnons to any mom. He can have that tough love when he needs to but he is also the Dad that hugs and kisses our kids and is sure to tell them he loves them every day.

It is hard to stop at just 10 things because there are hundreds of things I love about my husband. I was glad he came up with this idea because it makes you stop and think about why you love that person so much. It is also a great way of telling them. In this day and age we are so busy and I think we assume people know how much we love them. Even if that is true, it is nice to hear it.

Have you ever put together a list of things you love about a family member or friend? What would be on it?

4 thoughts on “My Real Life Hero

  1. My husband just woke up, came into my office and kissed me, so I’m thankful for kisses. lol

    Amy, that’s a great list, and you and your husband are lucky to have each other. And I love the idea of the list. Happy birthday to your husband!

    • Thanks, Edie! I actually just updated the post. I had rewritten it last night but then our server went down (for maintenance) and this new version did not update. I will never get sick of my husband kissing me either! 🙂

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