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As you can tell from my blog I like to read a lot of different types of romance stories. I used to be all about contemporary romance and that was it. Looking back at my Goodreads Romantic Suspense list it appears Christie Craig and JD Robb changed my mind about romantic suspense. Wow are they different writers! Christie Craig writes light hearted, humorous romantic suspense and JD Robb writes romantic thrillers.  Christie Craig is a little heavier on the romance and relationship and JD Robb is heavier on the process of how her heroine closes the case. Both are great books to read!

If you are looking to expand your reading and want to try romantic suspense, take a look at my reviews under the romantic suspense category. You will find all sorts of books to choose from. If you are looking for a recommendation, comment below and I am happy to help. If you like CIA, FBI, military or serial killer suspense I can let you know of some great authors!  If you like light, humorous or even something a little sexy I can hook you up with some great book recommendations for those as well.

And for those that already like romantic suspense and want to learn about new authors and enter giveaways, check out Just Romantic Suspense – your one stop shop for all things romantic suspense!

What romantic suspense books or series would you recommend?

5 thoughts on “Romantic Suspense Books

  1. I enjoyed the first two in Dee Davis’ A-Tac series but haven’t had the chance to read further (I think there are 8 books). Going to check out the JRS link.

  2. I love romantic-suspense! I’d have to say Sidney Sheldon is my first love. He is the first male romantic-suspense author I remember to have a strong female lead. I miss him…

    Thank you for all your wonderful reviews, Amy. I always find something interesting.


    • Hi Carmen – I haven’t read Sidney Sheldon before. I actually haven’t read any romantic suspense written by a male. I should go check him out. Thanks!

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