Character Interview & Giveaway: SINGED by Kaylea Cross

Update – Congratulations to “Paula S” and “Erica” – the winners of Kaylea’s giveaway! Thank you to all who participated!

To celebrate Kaylea Cross‘ newest release, Singed, we have invited Gage, the hero from Singed to the blog today! Kaylea is also giving away a digital copy of either Ignited (Book 1 in the Titanium Security Series) or Singed (Book 2) – winner’s choice!

Interview with Gage:
Heather (from So Many Reads): Hi Gage. Can you tell us a little about your past as a Master Sergeant?  What does that line of work entail?

Gage: Sure, no problem. Basically it means I’m the senior enlisted guy on my 12 man Special Forces team. The rank comes with the nickname “Team Daddy” because I basically run everything for the officers and take care of the guys, whether it means helping them or dishing out some tough love. I loved it and miss it, though I kind of have the same role now with my Titanium Security team. I keep the guys in line, make sure everything’s running smoothly so Hunter has a few less things to worry about. It’s the perfect job for me.

Heather: Knowing your past in the military and overseas work, have you by chance ever worked with Rhys Sinclair and his brother Ben? Just thinking that you would make a kick ass team!

Gage: I’ve heard of Rhys—I know he spent time in SF before moving on to Delta where he did really well. Heard his twin brother’s a bit of a hothead but from what I hear he did good work with the Rangers.  Given their backgrounds and service records I wouldn’t mind working with either of them on a job.

Heather: What is the one thing in your life that you wish that you could change?

Gage: Other than not being able to save some of the guys I lost in the line of duty, mostly I regret that I wasn’t there for my little girl more when she was younger. My job and my men always came first and my relationship with my daughter suffered for it. Just ask my ex wife. So yeah, I wish I’d been a better father. I’m lucky that she’s willing to give her old man another shot now that she’s in her teens.

Heather: What is currently on your playlist on your iPod?

Gage: I love Led Zeppelin, so there’s a lot of that. Pretty much just classic and alternative rock. What can I say, I’m not a ballad kind of guy.

Heather: If your daughter decides to join the Army will you support her or try to dissuade her and why?

Gage: I would be totally honest with her about life in the service and the pros and cons, the costs of it. It definitely takes a toll on you and your loved ones, especially if you stay in a long time or have multiple combat deployments. If she decided it was still what she wanted to do after she weighed all that information, I’d fully support her.

Heather: Ok, going to start getting a bit more personal here, hope you don’t mind. What made you fall in love with Claire specifically?

Gage: Nah, I don’t mind. And Claire…I knew from the first night I met her at the security conference that she was a very special lady. She’s hot as hell, yeah, but she’s also incredibly smart and independent. I don’t do well with clingy so that intrigued me right away plus she came from a SF family. She lives and loves so fiercely, you know? Even after all the shit that went down with her family she still hung in there with her brother and dad. I trust her, and I know she understands my job and what it entails. And she’s sticking with me even though the risks of it scare her to death, so I pretty much worship the ground she walks on.

Heather: What kind of wedding will you have? We are looking for deets here!

Gage: Well you’d have to talk to Claire about the exact details because that’s not really my department and I don’t much care about all that. Doesn’t matter to me where it happens or how, so long as it’s soon. I want it made legal and permanent and I want her to take my name as soon as possible. She’s talked about a simple ceremony at the church she was baptized in as a baby and that’s fine with me. Just tell me where to be and what to wear and I’m there, basically.

Heather: Boxers or briefs? Why?

Gage: Briefs ‘cuz they keep everything right where it’s supposed to be. Boxer briefs are the best, in my opinion anyway.

Heather: And finally, again very personal. But you seem like an open book. Knowing that Claire wants children of her own, would you be open to vasectomy reversal? I know that is a controversial question but medicine is amazing these days. Any consideration being given to that?

Gage: She actually mentioned it a few days ago to see my reaction, I think. Initially when we first got together I was totally dead set against it. I mean, I’ve already been to the parenting starting line and I didn’t do so great the first time around. I’m not sure I want to go back and be a daddy all over again at my age but if it’s really that important to Claire I’d consider it. There’s a good chance the reversal wouldn’t be successful anyhow, so maybe adoption would be our only recourse. I dunno. I want a good chunk of time with Claire all to myself before we seriously think about raising kids together. I’m selfish that way.  Can’t get enough of her.

Heather: Thanks for talking with us today, Gage. I have to admit that you are very easy on the eyes, so I appreciate you not making a big deal of my staring.

Gage: (*grins*) Darlin’, the pleasure was all mine. I’d talk with you anytime.

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For more information about Singed, check out Heather’s review here.

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Giveaway:Kaylea is offering up a digital copy of either Ignited or Singed (winner’s choice) to one lucky commenter.  To enter, comment below and let us know if you would let your daughter join the army (if you don’t have one, pretend you do!). Contest ends at 11:59 pm Central Time on Saturday, July 20, 2013. Winner will be notified via email and announced on blog.

11 thoughts on “Character Interview & Giveaway: SINGED by Kaylea Cross

  1. I think if that is where my Daughter’s heart led her then I would support her decision fully. I would also be sure to have her meet servicemen and women before she made a final decision to hear first hand experiences.

  2. Yes, if that is what my daughter really wanted and had weighed all the pros and cons, I would support her any way I could. I have read both Ignited and Singed – loved them – so please don’t include me in the contest!

  3. I don’t have a daughter but if I did I can see myself being very apprehensive to allowing her to enter the army but if it is what she really wanted then I’d allow her to join.

  4. Yes, I’d let my daughter to join the army, if after weighting in all the pros and the cons, it was what she really wanted to do.

  5. I’m sure any daughter of mine, especially hearing the words “you can’t” will do exactly what she wants! One can only pray. One can never prepare a child well enough for what she will face.

  6. While I don’t have one or any children as yet I would if it was her wish to do so. Never stop children on their dreams but encourage them.

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