Review: TAKING EVE by Iris Johansen

A friend introduced me to the writings of Iris Johansen several years ago and I have enjoyed everyone of her fascinating Eve Duncan novels.  Eve is a forensic sculptor who reconstructs the skulls of children who have died but are yet unidentified.  She does this to bring closure to the parents whose loved ones have vanished, a situation with which she can readily identify since her own child was kidnapped and murdered.  This novel continues the story of Eve, Jane her adopted daughter and Joe the love of her life.

In this story Eve’s skills are once again coveted by a man whose son may or may not be dead.  However, he cannot go to the police to confirm that the skull he has in his possession is his son’s.  Therefore, he has stalked Eve and set up her kidnapping to finally know once and for all if this is in fact his son.  However, the story takes the reader down a twisted path as you learn more about the father and the son.

Along the way there are always sub plots that help you delve more deeply into the lives of those Eve cares about.  You start to recognize how diabolical the plot is to preserve this particular skull and what lengths the kidnapper will go to to get Eve to reconstruct the skull.  Each of those Eve cares for most is put at risk, including her daughter’s beloved dog Toby.

This book is not a love story in the truest sense but it is packed with examples and situations of the lengths that people will go to to protect those they love.  Sometimes it manifests itself in evil and other times in great sacrifices.  Iris Johansen has created characters in her novels that are memorable and will have you seeking out her previous novels to get to know more about them.  Take a chance, read an Eve Duncan and see for yourself if you don’t get hooked.

Reviewed by Mary

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About the Book:

Title: Taking Eve (Eve Duncan, #13)
Author: Iris Johansen
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Release Date: April 16, 2013
Category: Mystery/Suspense
Source: Borrowed from Library

Official Summary:

Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan’s mission is to bring closure to the families whose loved ones have vanished.  She knows their anguish—her own beloved daughter, Bonnie, was taken from her when Bonnie was just seven years old.  It is only recently that this mystery was resolved and Eve could begin her journey to peace.  Now, Jim Doane wants the same kind of answers that Eve always longed for.  His twenty-five-year old son may or may not be dead and he has only burned skull fragments as possible evidence.  But he cannot go to the police for answers without risking his own secrets and dark past, so instead he chooses a bold step to find the truth—a truth that takes Eve down a twisted path of madness and evil and into the darkest heart of her own history.  Doane needs Eve Duncan’s skills and he’ll do anything to get them.

Even if it means taking Eve. 

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