Review: BEYOND: TWO SUNS by Maureen A. Miller

Typically I am not a science fiction reader. It is not something that really interests me all that much, however, as I continue to learn, it is all about the story. I love Maureen A. Miller’s romantic suspense books and her writing in general so I thought I would give her Beyond series a shot. I loved Beyond. It was so fascinating to me how she could come up with such a world in outer space and the ending to the story left me ready for more.

In Beyond: Two Suns, we find Aimee and Zak wanting nothing more than to get back to one another. Fives years has gone by and a lot has happened. When Aimee boards the Horus ship again anticipating quite the reunion with Zak, the love of her life, she is in for a surprise. He isn’t there.  It is now her mission to rescue him from his home planet.  No one thought she could do it. She is a girl after all and other Warriors had already tried and failed.  Well, when a woman is in love, not much stops her!

Maureen did a great job with the transition of the previous story and characters into this one. Aimee is in her late 20’s now and isn’t the innocent girl she once was.  She knows the power she has to make things happen and uses that. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for that reunion between Aimee and Zak and I was not disappointed when it finally happened. I loved watching the two of them navigate through their current situation with absolute support of one another, no questions asked. There is a lot going on in Beyond: Two Suns and all the wonderful descriptions that Maureen provides has you hanging on every word. Even the battle scenes will have your eyes wide because you don’t want to miss a thing, as it moves quickly. The sweet romantic parts are some of the best.

While reading this book I felt a wide range of emotions for Aimee, Zak and several others. There is a heartwarming, emotional reunion in the story that is simply awesome. You get to watch a group of people who have been kicked out of their homeland stand firm together to fight the enemy with nothing but their sheer will and determination. You get to watch love between two people that does not fade over time but just grow stronger. If you are looking for a captivating fantasy romance that takes you away from the realities of Earth, I highly recommend Beyond: Two Suns.

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About the Book:

TitleBeyond: Two Suns (Beyond, #2)
AuthorMarueen A. Miller
Publisher: CreateSpace
Release Date: April 23, 2014
Category: Science Fiction  / Fantasy Romance
Source: Copy received from Author

Book Summary:

They were coming.  It wasn’t so much the sound that revealed them.  It was the subtle vibration of the ground beneath his feet, like the percussion of a distant explosion.  It was their march. The dead tread of stone against sand. A ghostly gait of menace.

Alone in a desert world…a world he once called home, Zak is now a damaged man. Reckless in his battle against the creatures that destroyed his family, he roams under the glare of the two suns, seeing phantoms–seeing Aimee.

Five years had passed since Aimee Patterson left the man she loved. For five long years she traveled the path of life, always waiting–always looking to the stars, knowing, hoping, that one day he would return for her. today was that day…

And today was that day…


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