Review: HEARTS IN DARKNESS by Laura Kaye

I didn’t believe it.  I was skeptical that a book (even a novella) could be written and take place in the span of less than 12 hours and I would enjoy it. I thought, surely it is mostly about sex. What else could possibly keep a book moving when most of it took place in an elevator?  I was happily proven wrong.

This is the second book I have read by Laura Kaye and it has fueled interest in more of her books. Yep, time to go shopping for more. Back to Hearts in Darkness, though. It starts out innocently enough when Makenna is running to catch an elevator after a long, crappy day and Caden holds the door open for her. Nothing out of the ordinary, until the elevator stops, and all the lights go out. Now they are both stuck in a pitch-black elevator and Caden is close to having a panic attack as he is claustrophobic. They are stuck there for hours with no phone to call for help.

So starts the two of them getting to know each other, because what else is there to do? Caden isn’t a guy that lets a lot of people get to know him but Makenna’s voice and conversation is what keeps the panic attacks at bay. They share and learn more about one another in those few hours in the elevator than most people do when dating for weeks or even months. What I love about this situation is that because they don’t really see one another before the lights go out, they get to know each other on an intellectual and emotional level – not physical.

They are finally rescued (sorry for the spoiler but you could have guessed that) and then we get to watch the weirdness that comes with the lights on seeing each other for the first time. Where they had confidence in darkness, both Caden and Makenna show some doubts in the light. They continue their night at her place getting to know each other. And you know what?  It isn’t all about sex. Yes, they have such a strong draw to one another and their need for intimacy is met, but the way Laura writes it makes it more emotional than physical. It fit the story and the characters perfectly. I am really picky about my love scenes. I don’t like them out of place and just there to sell a book. I like them to mean something and let me tell you, this one does. All I could think about after reading this was that I couldn’t wait to see my husband again. 😉

The dialogue between Caden and Makenna was a big part of the story and what keeps it going for me. They were able to share some of their deepest secrets and fears with one another but could also laugh with one another. Laura does an outstanding job creating Caden and Makenna and although I wish it were longer, she ended it perfectly. I closed the book (or actually, clicked to the end on my e-reader) with a happy sigh.  If you are looking for a quick read that is both passionate and emotional but also really sweet, I highly recommend Hearts in Darkness.

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About the Book:

Title: Hearts in Darkness
Author: Laura Kaye
Publisher: Laura Kaye
Release Date: May 19th 2013 (first published April 21st 2011)
Category: Contemporary Romance
Source: Purchased from Barnes & Noble

Official Summary:

Two strangers…

Makenna James thinks her day can’t get any worse, until she finds herself stranded in a pitch-black elevator with a complete stranger. Distracted by a phone call, the pin-striped accountant catches only a glimpse of a dragon tattoo on his hand before the lights go out.

Four hours…

Caden Grayson is amused when a harried redhead dashes into his elevator fumbling her bags and cell phone. His amusement turns to panic when the power fails. Despite his piercings, tats, and vicious scar, he’s terrified of the dark and confined spaces. Now, he’s trapped in his own worst nightmare.

One pitch-black elevator…

To fight fear, they must reach out and open up. With no preconceived notions based on looks to hold them back, they discover just how much they have in common. In the warming darkness, attraction grows and sparks fly, but will they feel the same when the lights come back on?

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