Review: IGNITED by Kaylea Cross

Kaylea Cross has done it again.  If you like military romantic suspense, you really need to check out Ignited, the first book in her new Titanium Security Series. I think this is one of her best books yet!  It is engaging from the beginning, hard to put down until the end and very well balanced between the romance and suspense.

Hunter Phillips is assigned to Khalia Patterson as head of her security team just a short time after the loss of his close friend in Pakistan. He doesn’t want to go, but can’t say no to his boss who rarely asks him for special favors.  Hunter wants to seek some vengeance for his friend as well, so he obliges. From the moment that Hunter and Khalia meet you can see there is a spark, however, they both try to remain professional as Hunter doesn’t get involved with his Principals.

I thought Kaylea did an amazing job with the character development and the action/suspense scenes in Ignited.  While I have enjoyed all of her other books, I have to admit that this one is probably one of my favorites of Kaylea’s so far. The action scenes in this book were written in a way that I could picture them easier than I could in some of her other books. The suspense was heart pounding and got your breathing hard which made it hard to put down until you were able to finish the scene and know everyone was okay.

Kaylea knows how to do romance, too.  She gives you little bits of it throughout the book so it builds and you really feel the emotion between Hunter and Khalia while reading. She totally rocks at writing the intimate scenes, too.  Kaylea doesn’t have too many scenes in the book and they are so full of emotion – not just physical need. The scenes are perfectly detailed for a romantic suspense so they are not out of place with the story and help move it along well. Hunter and Khalia both said what they felt which is refreshing in a romance story.  So much of the time we watch characters fight with themselves for happiness and want to smack them because they think they don’t “deserve” the other one. I loved watching Hunter and Khalia every step of the way because they did not act like this.

I really liked Gage, Hunter’s second in command as well as the other guys on the team – Ellis and Dunphy. The scenes with Claire and Gage set up the next book, Singed, nicely and I can’t wait to read more from the Titanium Security guys. If you are looking for a heart pounding, passionate romantic suspense read, I highly recommend Ignited!

* * * * *

About the Book:

Title: Ignited (Titanium Security, #1)
Author: Kaylea Cross
Publisher: Kaylea Cross
Release Date: June 15, 2013
Category: Romantic Suspense
Source: Copy received from Author

Official Summary:

When her father is murdered by a Taliban cell in the tribal regions of Pakistan, Khalia Patterson reluctantly steps into his shoes to carry on the legacy of Fair Start Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to furthering the education of girls. There she meets Hunter Phillips, the ex-SEAL and head of her Titanium security team, and quickly learns that coming to Pakistan might prove to be a deadly decision.

Battling demons of his own, Hunter grudgingly leads Khalia’s protective detail  as a favor to his boss. From their first meeting it’s clear she’s going to be trouble, and that the cell that killed her father is hell bent on taking her out as well. Keeping her alive is one of the toughest assignments he’s ever faced, yet through one harrowing situation after another she continually impresses him with her strength and inner courage. Even though he fights his feelings for her, it’s a losing battle. And when the job is over, he doesn’t know how he’ll let her go.

* * * * *

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