Review: SHARPSHOOTER by Cynthia Eden

Talk about getting your adrenaline pumping! Whenever I read a Cynthia Eden book it seems my body is tired afterwards. She has a way of getting the blood moving and feel as though you are living out what the characters are going through. In Sharpshooter, the action starts at page one and doesn’t stop until the end. Sharpshooter is the third book in Cynthia’s Shadow Agents series and follows Gunner and Sydney.  If you haven’t read the first two (Alpha One and Guardian Ranger), it’s okay – you can follow along just fine.

The story starts with Gunner and Sydney in the middle of a mission gone bad in Peru which changes their lives forever. Two years later, Gunner and Sydney are still part of the Elite Ops Division (EOD) and their attraction to one another is growing and is way past time for them to make their move. However, just when things are heating up between them, they are called back to Peru for another rescue mission. Their lives are changed again and from here, the story is quite a roller coaster ride between the mystery and action and romantic scenes. In true Cynthia Eden fashion, you are kept guessing on who you can really trust.

I really enjoyed Sydney and Gunner’s story. I thought Sydney proved to be one tough chick and stuck to her guns (and her heart) on who she was going to put her trust in no matter how the situation looked. Gunner tried to be the martyr at times and I hated that, but it is who he is.  He finally got some sense knocked into him and went after what he wanted and let his heart lead him. Cynthia writes a romantic suspense story with just the right amount of action scenes and heat between the characters.  It all moves the story along very well. The descriptions of her scenes are well done, as I can always picture and feel what is going on whether it is in the jungle in South America or in the EOD office in DC.

I was reminded that the Shadow Agents are one kick ass group of operatives. They back each other up no matter what things appear to be. I didn’t know much about Cale as I haven’t read Guardian Ranger yet and I understand he was introduced in that one, but, I liked him more and more as Sharpshooter went on.  Logan (from Alpha One) was just as awesome as I remember him from that story. It seems there is nothing that will keep the Shadow Agents down. They come back and fight even harder for their fellow agents and for those they love. If you are looking for a story that is full of action, suspense, and romance, I highly recommend you read Sharpshooter.

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About the Book:

Title: Sharpshooter (Shadow Agents, #3)
Author: Cynthia Eden
Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue
Release Date: July 23, 2013 (Print) / August 1, 2013 (Digital)
Category: Romantic Suspense
Source: ARC received from Publisher via NetGalley

Official Summary:

Heart-pounding action meets smoldering desire in USA TODAY bestselling author Cynthia Eden’s Shadow Agents miniseries!

Two years ago Gunner Ortez saved Sydney Sloan’s life on a mission gone wrong. And ever since then, he’s been watching her back. Now a hostage-rescue mission is about to blow the Elite Ops agents’ lives apart once again.

Working side by side back in the jungles of Peru, the heat between Sydney and Gunner is hotter than ever-and so are the threats to their lives. With the danger escalating, Sydney knows Gunner is her only hope at successfully completing their assignment. But the ex-SEAL who arouses passion she’d only dreamed about also poses the greatest risk to the secret she carries in her heart…and in her belly.

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