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Please welcome author Emma Shade to So Many Reads!

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Emma Shade picI was born and raised in a very small town. Living in the country, with two brothers, I had to have a crazy imagination to keep myself occupied. It’s so easy to laugh at our antics as a kid, but recently a friend pointed out…it may have been this over active imagination that helped create my characters. As a kid I’d pretend I was magical, had special abilities to communicate with nature, or could control the wind. When writing several of the scenes, it was home that gave me some inspiration.

In Finding Obscurity, Lily can dream about different events. Blake can enter these dreams as he sees fit. A little excerpt about a dream inspired from my childhood home.

The grass was overgrown and blowing in the breeze while the leaves rattled in the wind from a tree near the creek. I took a deep breath and lay back in the patch that we had stomped down to build our own secret fortress. Small bugs swarmed above the grass and an occasional butterfly floated by and landed on a tall overgrown wildflower. I closed my eyes and relaxed with the warm sunlight on my skin as birds chirped, singing their happy tunes.

A shadow fell over me. I covered my eyes to look up and sat up with a scream. “Blake!”

“Lily.” He sat down beside me in the patch of flattened grass. “Where are we?”

“A place my sister and I used to play when we were kids.” I pointed to the limestone house up on the small hill. “That was where I grew up.”

“You must be very protective of this memory. I couldn’t pull you into my dream so I came over to yours. It’s really nice here.” He lay back, bending his elbows laying his head on his hands. The sunlight glittered off his gray eyes as he looked at me. “Where are you?”

I looked around us and back to him with a raised brow. “I already told you where we were.”

“Not here, silly. Where are you at physically?”

“Someplace safe. That’s all you need to know right now. I just needed some space.” I tore off a piece of grass by my bare feet and started tying knots with it. “Why didn’t you tell me what he was?” 

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About the Book:

FindingObscurity_FrontCover_WebFINDING OBSCURITY

The Secrets Series, Book One

Lily Canton always knew she was unique.

After she loses everything she has ever cared about ten years ago, Lily decides it’s time to find answers about her past and why she has special powers. But when you can’t control seeing the future, and you hold enough electricity inside you to black out an entire city block, it doesn’t always make life easy.

She swore she would never care about anyone ever again after that fateful day so long ago. Then she meets sexy club owner, Ashton Ryder. Lily can’t afford to fall for Ashton. Then there is handsome, powerful, Blake Moore, who wants to help her with more than just her powers. She has to learn to trust people and let them into her heart, even as things spiral out of control.

Not only does she learn Ashton has a secret that will make her question everything she ever thought was real, but Lily finds out that her birth parents are anything but ordinary. Just when Lily thinks she has everything figured out, someone is determined to destroy her – because she isn’t supposed to be alive.

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Emma is giving away the following prizes at the end of her tour. Just fill out the Rafflecopter form to enter.

  • GRAND PRIZE:  $50 Amazon gift card, a signed copy of Finding Obscurity, and a signed bookmark
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About the Author:

Emma lives in Indiana with her husband and three crazy cats. When she’s not busy writing her next novel, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, listening to music, taking naps, or curled up with a good book.

Connect with Emma: Website / Facebook /  Goodreads /  Twitter

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