Guest Post & Giveaway: THREE DAYS ON MIMOSA LANE by Anna DeStefano

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Teachers, Families, and Community Inspire Us…
Three Days on Mimosa Lane

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What inspires you and makes you want to live life to the fullest?

The words of Robert Frost have long been a muse for me. He is one of my literary heroes. His words, even just a few of them, inspire thought and creativity and memory and vision for the future. His work “feels.” His emotion and characters connect. His themes inspire.

His poetry, his essays, quotes from his interviews and day-to-day life… They are glimpses into what he saw and thought and felt. They challenge me to search for the “new” and to discover a better world.

And the quote that challenged me the most as I wrote the second book of my Seasons of the Heart series, Three Days on Mimosa Lane, was… “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”

Sam Perry, our heroine, is such an inspiration—as a wife and mother and friend, and as a teacher. When we meet her in Christmas on Mimosa Lane, she’s still struggling, after twelve years, with being at Ground Zero during 9/11—as a teacher for one of the preschools near the Twin Towers on that fated day. As Three Days on Mimosa Lane begins, she’s determined to rejoin the world around her in a more vibrant way, so she can finally be the mother her boys deserve.

Sam’s ready to thrive again, not just “get through the day.” Of course, there are going to be some tough obstacles still for Sam and her family to deal with. There are lessons they’ve yet to learn. But their journey and Sam’s continued bravery, despite her flaws and fears, inspired me as I wrote Three Days. I hope that how she finally triumphs awakens something equally exciting within my readers.

Three Days on Mimosa Lane is a charming love story. Sam and Brian Perry fight to care for their family. They rediscover the depth and timelessness of their devotion to one another. At its heart, Three Days is about waking up to the world you have now, instead of allowing difficulties from the past, no matter how great, to define who and what you can be. It’s about learning from those we surround ourselves with, and letting our lives become something others draw strength from in return. It’s about sharing. It’s about heart.

This is a story rich in community, with a cast of characters, including children like Cade and Joshua Perry, who will capture your heart. I hope you fall in love with the setting and symbolism I paint onto the page, too. But above all, I want you to walk away from Sam and Brian’s happily ever after, inspired and amazed by the resilience of the human heart to believe and hope and resonate…and to help others awaken, too, to their better selves.

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There’s more about Three Days on Mimosa Lane below. I’m dying to know what you think about my latest Seasons of the Heart story, set in the Charming North Georgia town of Chandlerville. But first…in the comments, tell us about a teacher of friend of family member who’s inspired you. Do you know someone who’s overcome obstacles in life, and taught you by example to bravely follow your own path and to live each day to the fullest?

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ThreeDaysMimosaLane_9781477807330_FinalFrontCover (2)Three Days on Mimosa Lane
Seasons of the Heart, Book 2 
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication Date:  July 23, 2013

One day can change your life forever… Three days can transform a painful past into a beautiful tomorrow…

Once, Sam Perry had it all. A loving marriage, an amazing job she adored as a preschool teacher, and a beautiful home. She was safe, happy and secure.

Then the unthinkable happened…

Watching his once carefree wife withdraw into herself was almost more than Brian Perry could handle. The only thing that kept him going was knowing that he loved her more than life itself. Moving her out of New York to Chandlerville, a small, quiet suburb of Atlanta, felt right. Anything, to get her away from the memories of the buildings, and her world, crashing around her.

Now, two sons and many years later, Sam cherishes the new life on Mimosa Lane that Brian built for them.

Until lightning strikes twice…

Called a hero by her small community, Sam feels more like a coward than ever. Instinct draws her into an altercation at her children’s school—an instinct that also drives her away from the warm cocoon of her family.

Brian refuses to lose his wife again. He agrees to give her the space she asks for, but he soon realizes space isn’t something they and their children can afford. He knows their love can still conquer all. But this time he’ll need their entire community to help him win his wife back.

* * * * *

About the Author:

Anna DeStefano photo low (1)Nationally bestselling author Anna DeStefano has searched her entire life for the soul of the matter at the heart of her world’s mysteries. As a small child, she drew from her experiences, senses, and dreams to paint a lush fantasy world, filled with endless possibility and characters of her own creation. Putting pen to paper, Anna transforms these inner landscapes into rich storytelling.

Hers is a realistic but optimistic vision, searching for hope and transformation through intense emotional journeys. Her fuel–the inner passions and conflicts of the characters she crafts. Much like a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, Anna’s characters face the ultimate of human choices: finding the courage to conquer their fears and thrive until, despite every obstacle, they become the beautiful things they’re meant to be.

An author, workshop and keynote speaker, writing coach, and acquiring editor, Anna’s creative vision permeates every challenge she undertakes. She wants you to stop, look, and keep digging, until you find the soul of your own fantasies. Her novels’ rich blend of realism and fantasy invites Anna’s readers into her creative mission to dig deeper and see each of life’s moment with emotional honesty and clarity.

Discovery and joy are her touchstones, regardless of how difficult her characters’ journeys might be. She will challenge you to transform into all you’re meant to be, as well. She speaks and blogs regulary. Join Anna each week for Soul Of The Matter, Dream Theories, Things My Teenager Says, How We Write, Waterfall Challenges, and more.

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25 thoughts on “Guest Post & Giveaway: THREE DAYS ON MIMOSA LANE by Anna DeStefano

  1. I don’t realy have a specific person who inspires me.. I get inspiration from anything and everything! Books I read, people I meet, from the media.. etc.

    • Hi Melanie – It is great to keep yourself open to inspiration around you. I, too, have found that inspiration is everywhere if you look. 🙂

  2. I receive inspiration from many sources: books, movies, music, friends, family, strangers who do things for others out of the goodness of their hearts. It all motivates me to strive to live unto the Golden Rule (Treat others as you would want to be treated.) myself.

    • Hi Laura – The golden rule is so simple but can be hard at times when we are feeling hurt or attacked. I have to remind myself of that work all the time. I agree on inspiration being everywhere! Thanks for commenting.

    • There is nothing more humbling than being a parent! Especially when you see certain traits in your kids that you have passed down and hope would die with you! I have learned so much from my kids, too. Thanks!

  3. i can say that my grand ma was the special lady my mom abused us so we went to grand when nothing else go live with her if she was alive there woudl be over 6 generation in the family

    • Grandmas are special and I am glad you had a place to go and someone who was a good inspiration in your life. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Yes to both. (1) My BFF, Gertie Mae, was triumphant over many adversities in her life and encouraged me to “go with my gut” and have faith in my decisions and abilities…she made me stronger and self-confident. (2) two teachers in my high school senior year really inspired me: (1) a Mr. Bateman who taught me a love of history and an understanding that what has come before can help us get to where we want to go and (2) a Mrs. Heater who fostered a love in me for writing, reading, and speaking. Due a lot to their coaching, I was valedictorian in my HS graduation, kept up a lively communication with friends and family while I have lived so far away from them, did well in college, had a wonderful legal secretarial/assistant career until 2010 when I retired, and inspired my children to achieve success in their chosen fields.

    • Wow, Jancie, that is awesome. Sounds like Gertie is the type of BFF everyone would like. She would be a great heroine in a story! My son just started junior high and he has already told me about some teachers he really likes. They have so much influence on kids. Thanks for sharing!

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