Character Interview, Excerpt & Giveaway: RISKY SURRENDER by Robin Bielman

Today at So Many Reads we are celebrating the release of Robin Bielman’s new book titled Risky Surrender!  We have the main characters here for an interview, an excerpt from the book and a giveaway. You can also read my review of Risky Surrender here. There is a lot going on today, so let’s get started!

Interview with Keats and Lucy:

Robin: Hi everyone! Amy, thanks so much for having me here today on So Many Reads! Or rather, thanks so much for having Keats and Lucy from my newest release, RISKY SURRENDER. I guess I’ll let them take it from here…

Amy (from So Many Reads): Thanks for joining us today, Keats and Lucy! Can you tell the readers a little about what you both do for a living?

Keats: Thanks for having us, Amy. I work all over the world preserving and safeguarding historical sites, although that’s changing now that…  ~he glances at Lucy sitting to him~

Lucy: Now that I’m in the picture. ~she smiles at him, he grins~ I’m an archaeologist and I used to retrieve priceless artifacts for a collector, but that’s changing now too.

Amy: Keats, what was your first reaction to Lucy when you met her?

Keats: She was beautiful, smelled fantastic, had killer green eyes, and could care less about me. I knew right then I was in serious trouble.

Amy: Lucy, what did you think of Keats?

Lucy: I thought he was annoying.

Keats: You thought I was hot.

Lucy: And full of himself.

Keats: You couldn’t take your eyes off me, sweetheart. ~he puts his arm around her~

Lucy: Okay, so I thought he was gorgeous. Which just made him more maddening. ~she leans into him~

Amy: Keats, what is it about Lucy that has you so smitten with her?

Keats: ~glances at his watch~ How much time have you got? I love that she’s down to earth. I love her smile and how she so freely shares it with others. She’s passionate about what she believes in. Adventurous. Sexy. She’s not afraid to spar with me and I really love that spot on her–

Lucy: McCall! ~she wiggles out of his hold and covers his mouth with her hand~ You are not supposed to share that kind of information.

Keats: ~he gently lifts her hands and drops a kiss on her knuckles~ She also charms the pants off me with her modesty one minute and her candidness the next.

Amy: Lucy, what made you fall in love with Keats? Oh, and why do you call him McCall all the time?

Lucy: He goes by his last name McCall and has since he was a teenager. But I call him Keats, too. ~she kisses his cheek~ I fell in love with him because he treated me like I was more important than anything else. He cares about me and teases me and when I look at him I just about melt every time he looks back. He listens to what I have to say and is always right there with me to help or offer support. He’s kind and generous and pushes me in ways that make me cherish every day.

Keats: You left out I’m an insanely good kisser.

Lucy: ~shakes her head while grinning~ He’s that, too.

Amy: Lucy, would you sleep in a hammock in the trees again? I still can’t believe Keats talked you into doing that. 

Lucy: I know! It was crazy. But despite the uncomfortable height, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. It’s where we had our first ~she pauses~ insanely good kiss.

Keats: ~turns his head and hovers almost close enough to kiss Lucy~ Mind looking the other way for a minute, Amy?

Lucy: Don’t even think about it. ~lowers her voice~ But as soon as we’re done here…

Amy: Moving right along to get these lovebirds out of here…Who is the better cook?

~staring at each other they say simultaneously~

Lucy: He is.

Keats: I am.

Lucy: He makes a mean lasagna that tastes even better cold the next day. And he makes me crepes on Sunday mornings. ~she sighs~ A little powdered sugar is all they need.

Keats: She makes me cereal and it tastes infinitely better than when I get it out of the cupboard myself.

Amy: Where would you want to go on your dream vacation with each other and what would you do? You guys seem more adventurous than most couples.

Keats: Hayman Island in Australia. And I don’t care what we do as long as Lucy is in a bikini or noth—

Lucy: McCall. ~he grins at her warning~ We’ve talked a lot about places we want to visit together and Hayman is at the top of the list, but mostly just to relax, swim, and eat in the amazing restaurants. We’d definitely have to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef, though.

Amy: What is next for the two of you?

Lucy: I’m going to teach. I love kids.

Keats: I’m going to make Lucy the happiest woman on the planet for the rest of my life.

Amy: Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me interview you!

Keats/Lucy: You’re welcome.

Lucy: We’ve really enjoyed being here, Amy.

 * * * * *

Excerpt from Risky Surrender:

The fact that Lucy came back meant something, right?

McCall feigned sleep when she eased open the sliding glass door and tiptoed back to her room. Despite the clench of every muscle in his body, he was relieved to see her. The digital clock on the nightstand read five thirty-two. He’d noted her absence at three forty-five when for some reason he needed to check on her.

When she padded by him in pajama shorts and a tank top to use the bathroom, his damn libido forgave her before he even blinked. Her long legs, perfect ass, and sculpted arms teased him into dismissing her agenda.

No doubt she’d been up to no good.

He pushed himself up.

A minute later she crept by him again, her attention on the floor. Which made the jutting out of his arm that much sweeter.

Something sounding like oomph spilled from her mouth. He couldn’t be sure because he’d stood, brought her into his arms, and her mint breath short-circuited his brain.


That he understood. “Yeah?”

“Let me go.” She squirmed against him.

He flipped on the bedside lamp. He could get used to this wiggling of hers. “So you can sneak back out?”

Her body stilled. Seconds of silence dragged between them. In the dim light of the room her eyes twinkled with excitement. “I told you I had things to do.”

Being so close to her, the last thing he wanted to do was talk. But until he knew for sure what the glow on her face was about he’d keep his distance.

“Okay.” He sat back on the bed, willing to let her win this round. She couldn’t have gone far without a car, could she?

She wrapped her arms around herself. “Quit looking at me like that.”

“How am I looking at you?”

“Like I’ve been dipped in a caramel chocolate swirl.” She stared at him in fascination. Her chest rose and fell. Heat entered her eyes, no mistake about it.

He stood. “My favorite.”

She took a big step back and put her hand up. “That wasn’t an invitation.”

“What was it then?” He stopped just shy of her palm.

“I don’t know. I’m half asleep and can’t be held responsible for the idiotic words coming out of my mouth.”

He couldn’t help it. His gaze dipped to his favorite part of her anatomy—her mouth. One kiss. One kiss and he could stop fantasizing about what she’d taste like.

* * * * *

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About the Book: 

Title: Risky Surrender
Author: Robin Bielman
Publisher: Entangled: Ever After
Release Date: August 26, 2013

Book Description:

Archeologist Lucy Davenport made a promise to retrieve an elusive piece of history buried in the walls of an iconic Indian village. But when she draws unwanted attention that interferes with her secret plans, she’s forced to risk it all with a man who threatens not only her goal, but the walls she’s carefully constructed around her heart.

Keats McCall is an environmental preservationist navigating the globe on behalf of heritage protection. When he catches Lucy at his latest project, he suspects she’s up to something. She’s secretive, sexy as hell—and has trouble written all over her. He devises a plan to keep her close so he can keep an eye on her. But what he isn’t prepared for is just how close he wants to get.

Buy: Amazon / Barnes & Noble

* * * * *

About the Author:

Robin in velvet pastel haze 620Robin Bielman lives in Southern California with her high school sweetheart husband, two sons, and crazy-cute mini Labradoodle, Harry. When not attached to her laptop, she can almost always be found with her nose in a book. She also loves to run, hike, and dip her toes in the ocean. Writing is a dream come true, and she still pinches herself to be sure it’s real.

She is also the author of Worth the Risk and Yours At Midnight from Entangled’s Ever After line, and Kissing the Maid of Honor from Entangled’s Bliss line.

For more on Robin visit her Website / Blog / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads

* * * * *

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