Review: FIRST TEMPTATION by Joan Swan

First Temptation by Joan Swan is one very hot romantic suspense story. It is the second book in Joan’s Covert Affairs Series and much steamier than the first one, Intimate Enemies. It is also part of the Wicked Firsts anthology (which you can preorder for just 99 cents at Amazon).

In First Temptation, we follow the story of Taft (Counterterrorism Agent) and Zoe (Border Patrol Agent) and their assignment to go undercover by posing as a couple that owns an adult store next to suspected Mexican cartel smugglers. It was quite entertaining to read about because Zoe knows nothing about the adult “toys” and Taft has a good time teasing her about many of the products they sell. Taft and Zoe are well developed and such fun characters. The dialogue and chemistry between Taft and Zoe is so perfect, even when they have doubts about one another. The plot fits right in line with the series and from the opening scene to the ending scene, I was all in.

As mentioned above, First Temptation is pretty hot on the romance and intimacy and lighter on the suspense. I wasn’t sure if I would like this series going too hot because I loved Intimate Enemies with the balance that it had, but this novella turned out great. I felt just as satisfied with the surprising and awesome ending.

Joan’s writing is so full of emotion in general. Her characters are tough and strong but can be so romantic and passionate with each other. I love that. If you follow my reviews much you know that I am a very picky about intimate scenes in books. I don’t want them to be rough and raw with no feeling. I don’t really like to read about sex. I want to read about the emotions that go into it. I want to feel that the characters are in love (or soon to be) even if they don’t know it yet. Joan accomplishes this for me. She doesn’t use foul words or descriptions in her writing and I think that is what makes it more sensual and passionate.

First Temptation is a really fun read. Some undercover assignments don’t last weeks, months or years, so this story worked well for the series and wasn’t too deep or heavy, but overall entertaining. If you are looking for a hot, sexy, novella with a suspenseful plot, I think you should give First Temptation a try. You will want to read all of Joan Swan’s books after it.

Reviewed by Amy

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About the Book:

Title: First Temptation (Cover Affairs, #1.5)
Author: Joan Swan
Publisher: Joan Swan
Release Date: August 19, 2013
Category: Romantic Suspense / Erotic Romance
Source: ARC received from Author

Official Summary:

Counterterrorist agent Taft Walker knows the Mexican cartel smuggling game. But posing as part owner of an adult store to ferret out the newest tunnel into the US is a first. So is Zoe Brooks, his partner, new to undercover and a sex-toy virgin. Taft’s up for the sexy challenge. At least until he sees the real Zoe beneath her tough façade and realizes, for the first time in his life, he’ll have to risk his heart to win.

After the death of a teammate, Border Patrol Agent Zoe Brooks is ready to get off the front lines. She’s willing to tolerate a swaggering partner like Taft for a chance to work investigations with ICE. But she’s not prepared for the way he understands her deepest, sexiest desires. Or the fact that she’ll have to break her own rules to grab hold of the passion she’s always wanted.

 * * * * *

Has love ever surprised you? Have you ever fallen in love without realizing it?

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