Adding Reviewers to So Many Reads

I have been extremely surprised at the number of book requests that have come my way without advertising. Thank you to all those that have contacted me!  I have not been able to fill a lot of requests due to time or reading preference, so I am happy to announce that I have added three reviewers to the blog that will be able to help out in that area!

Please welcome Mary, Heather and Paulette to So Many Reads as reviewers! Having other reviewers will bring different types of books to the blog, so I hope you all enjoy reading the reviews about the books they recommend.

If you have a book that you would like to be reviewed on So Many Reads, please let me know about it by emailing me at amy at somanyreads dot com and hopefully between the four of us we’ll be able to get that done for you! We will not be able to accept all requests, but will give it a shot. Just a reminder, that I only post positive reviews on the blog, so if by chance the reviewer that reads your book would not recommend it, we just won’t post a review.

Thank you again to all the readers for your support and please help me welcome Mary, Heather and Paulette!

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