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Happy Friday all! I hope you have all had a fantastic week.

I have been a book blogger for almost a year and a reviewer for about a year and a half now. As I continue to learn about the whole book/publishing world I continue to come up with more questions about what is proper etiquette for a book blogger/reviewers.  The best part of being a blogger/reviewer has got to be the free books.  We get to read books before they are available to the general public. It’s like we are invited to the “soft opening” of new place.  Sure, we have to write a review on it, but that doesn’t seem like work to me. I still feel like I am just getting free books. So, when one is blessed with special privileges of getting these free books before they are released, I have to ask myself some questions.

Should a blogger/reviewer enter a contest in which their blog participates? Such as a tour-wide rafflecopter-type giveaway where the blogger/reviewer does NOT draw the winner? Should a blogger/reviewer enter contests for more free on places like Goodreads and Fresh Fiction? Is that just being greedy?

I go back and forth often on this. I feel that I should be thankful for what I get and move on, but sometimes I really want a book or that gift card. What do you think? Is there etiquette when it comes to contests for bloggers/reviewers?  Should they not enter contests since they already are given free books?  Are there other etiquette questions I should be asking myself and essentially following?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Book Blogger/Reviewer Etiquette

  1. If you are part of the actual blog-hop, I don’t think so. However, most authors–like me–realize that it’s nice to offer the bloggers a prize too. So, I now run a separate contest just for the participating bloggers, so that they don’t feel left out of a $25 Amazon gift card just because they received a free book. In my opinion, that would discourage bloggers.

    As for other contests, sure! That’s not greedy…that just means you’re in the know. 🙂

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