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A very happy 5 star review

As a fan of contemporary romance I was pretty certain I was going to enjoy reading Robin Bielman’s Her Accidental Boyfriend.  It has the typical elements that I love:  a hot guy with history of being a player, an intriguing, beautiful, but not full of herself heroine, and an arrangement that has them eventually falling for each other.  But what I loved about Her Accidental Boyfriend  was the well written execution in bringing those elements together.

Bielman does an excellent job easing the characters together without rushing the feelings or intimacy.  The relationship develops not only between Kagan and Shane but also between Kagan, Shane’s family and the town. Like any great romance there are bumps along the way to the happy ending and I loved the way these were handled, no long drawn out misinterpretations that typically drive me crazy.  As for romance, there is plenty of it, and it is done in a tasteful way.

When I finished reading I really just felt happy.  I loved the way everything comes together and I really enjoyed the last page of the book. It definitely was not a typical epilogue and I find it was a really clever tie in to the story.  I cannot wait to read more from Robin Bielman and since I have never read the first book in this Secret Wishes series, I am lucky that I won’t have to wait!!

Reviewed by Paulette

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About the Book:

Title: Her Accidental Boyfriend (Secret Wishes #2)
Author: Robin Bielman
Publisher: Entangled Bliss
Release Date: October 14, 2013
Category: Contemporary Romance
Source: ARC received from Publisher

Official Summary:

Kagan Owens has a secret. One she thought she’d escaped by leaving New York, but when her past follows her to her temporary new life, Kagan lets a teeny lie slip. And now the town’s biggest playboy and flirt, Shane Sullivan, has become her pretend boyfriend—just until she’s ready to return to NYC. But the handsome, fun-loving Shane makes it tough to determine where their friendly agreement begins and ends…

Shane has no intention of settling down—in fact, his job depends on it, and nothing’s more important than his work. Still, he can’t help but agree to Kagan’s scheme, if only to find out more about the mysterious beauty. But when every touch from her sets his heart and body on fire, he realizes playing an accidental boyfriend may be more than he bargained for—and more than he can give.

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  1. Hi Amy! Hi Paulette! Amy, thanks so much for posting Paulette’s review! And Paulette, thank you again for reading and reviewing my book! I’m thrilled you love Shane and Kagan’s story and this review makes me all kinds of happy! Thank you!! *hugs* to you both!!

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