Review: TAKE ME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS by Brenda Novak

Paulette reviews Take Me Home for Christmas by Brenda Novak: 4.75 Star Review Take Me Home for Christmas was my first journey to Whiskey Creek and my first Brenda Novak novel. I really loved this story but then again I am a sucker for stories of forgiveness and second chances at love. In this book, Ted, one of the great guys at Whiskey Creek and Sophia, the town’s pariah, find their way back to each other. Take Me Home for Christmas has romance, conflict, and even a little mystery. Take-Me-Home-for-Christmas-Cover-e1375164398725Lucky for me, since I never read any of the previous stories, I found Sophia to be a likeable character and I was cheering for her and Ted the entire time. My guess is that I would have felt very different had I read the other novels. Without giving any spoilers away, Ted attempts a relationship with someone else in the story and it drove me crazy, while others who have read the series were problably hoping it would work out. Brenda Novak’s writing was great and I could really get a feel for life in this small town. The social dynamics, both positive and negative, come across in a very realistic way. I want to go to coffee club with the gang and be invited to the Halloween party. I certainly wouldn’t ever want to have any dealings with the local police. I think most will love the way the other characters of Whiskey Creek show up in this book. So with all my praise for Brenda Novak’s telling of Ted and Sophia’s story, why not 5 stars? Well, the ending just fell a little short. It got me exactly where I wanted it to go, but it didn’t have all the great detail I was hoping for. I am definitely intrigued and am hoping for more of their story at some point. The good news is that it gives me time to catch up on all the other characters I hope to learn more about as I go back and read the Whiskey Creek series. Reviewed by Paulette

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About the Book:

Title: Take Me Home for Christmas (Whiskey Creek, #5) Author: Brenda Novak Publisher: Harlequin Release Date: October 29, 2013 Category: Contemporary Romance Source: ARC received Author from NetGalley Official Summary:

Christmas is a time for remembering….

Too bad all memories aren’t pleasant. Everyone in Whiskey Creek remembers Sophia DeBussi as the town’s Mean Girl. Especially Ted Dixon, whose love she once scorned. But Sophia has paid the price for her youthful transgressions. The man she did marry was rich and powerful but abusive. So when he goes missing, she secretly hopes he’ll never come back—until she learns that he died running from an FBI probe of his investment firm. Not only has he left Sophia penniless, he’s left her to face all the townspeople he cheated…. Sophia is reduced to looking for any kind of work to pay the bills and support her daughter. With no other options, she becomes housekeeper for none other than Ted, now a successful suspense writer. He can’t bring himself to turn his back on her, not at Christmas, but he refuses to get emotionally involved. He learned his lesson the last time. Or will the season of love and forgiveness give them both another chance at happiness?

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