Character Interview & Giveaway: SOUTHERN FRIED BLUES by Jamie Farrell

Update – Congrats to both “bn100” and “Brina” for winning copies of Jamie’s book! Thanks for participating!

If you read my review of Southern Fried Blues by Jamie Farrell, you know I enjoyed it very much. I loved the characters so much I invited them to the blog for an interview today!  To celebrate Southern Fried Blues, author Jamie Farrell is going to give away a digital copy to one lucky commenter!  See below for details on how you can enter.

Interview with Jackson and Anna from Southern Fried Blues

Amy (from So Many Reads): Welcome to the blog, Jackson & Anna. I really appreciate you taking the time to join me today.

Jackson: Aw, shucks, ma’am, it’s our pleasure.

Anna: Oh, no, you’re not starting that redneck thing already, are you? We haven’t even started the interview.

Jackson (flashes her a goofy, innocent grin): No, ma’am. Just mindin’ my manners.

Anna: Okay, then. (she turns to Amy): Thank you for having us.

sfbAmy: To start off, can you tell the readers how you met?

Anna: Now that’s a funny story.

Jackson: Yes, ma’am, it sure is. All started when I was driving through this parking lot, minding my own business, when this crazy Yankee lady up and stopped her car in the middle of the aisle and jumped out, all hollerin’ and shrieking and dancing like—

Anna: Oh, stop. (she gives Jackson a playful poke) What he’s trying to say is that he tried to save me from a fire ant infestation in my car.

Jackson: I did save you. Saved you right good.

Anna: I could’ve handled it myself.

Jackson: Reckon you could’ve. (he winks at her) But that wouldn’t have been near as much fun.

Anna: Hush, you. Amy’s trying to ask us another question.

Amy: Anna, there is a lot of reference to you being from Minnesota while living down in Georgia. What are the biggest differences you have encountered while living in the South? What are your favorite parts of living in the South?

Jackson: She likes us Southern boys.

Anna (laughing): They do start to grow on a girl after a while. And I like Southern biscuits.

Jackson: Can’t make ‘em to save her life, but she makes up for it by being so pretty.

Anna: Now how could any girl resist such a sweet talker? To answer the question, though, the biggest differences between Minnesota and the South are the weather and the wildlife. It’s hot down here, but the lizards are kinda cute. I miss snow though. I do love how friendly the people are and the expressions they use. I’ve even learned a few of my own.

Jackson: And she uses ’em right most of the time too.

Amy: Jackson, what is it that has drawn you to Anna so much? Sometimes it seems you guys are from different worlds.

Jackson: We are from two different countries, her being Canadian and all.

Anna (wiggles a finger at him, laughing): You and your grandmother. Minnesota might not be Southern, but it is also not in Canada.

Jackson (takes her finger and presses a kiss to it): Well, Miss Amy, what you need to know about my Anna Grace is that she’s all heart. There ain’t a thing she does that she doesn’t do all the way. Don’t matter if she’s playing redneck golf or baking pies or slapping labels on anything needing labeling, she puts her whole heart into it. Not something a man takes for granted when a woman like this one here puts all that heart into loving a guy like me.

AmyAnna, what is it about Jackson that has you giving love another chance?

Anna (smiles at him): Even if I was completely immune to all his Southern gentleman charm and that quick brain of his that he likes to hide, I could never have resisted his friendship and loyalty and belief in me. He made it okay for me to be me at a time when I hardly knew who I was anymore. And more, he notices the little things, like my favorite brand of ketchup and which of my label makers have permanent or temporary label refills. Things that don’t matter to anyone but me, and he makes them important to him too. That’s not something just anyone will do. It’s not something anyone ever did for me before. And even though his momma and I have had our moments, I will be eternally grateful to her for raising him right.

AmyJackson, have you ever made biscuits yourself?

Jackson (scratching his head): Huh. Don’t reckon I’ve ever had a need to do that before.

Anna: He can make his own biscuits, Amy. I’ve seen him. But even he won’t share his recipe with me, and he chases me out of the kitchen every time I catch him.

Jackson: Fair’s fair. You ain’t given up that pie recipe yet either.

Anna: Now why would you need the recipe when you get the pie for free?

Jackson: Reckon you got a point there.

AmyAnna, what is your favorite Southern food? 

Jackson: She’s taken a liking to squirrel.

Anna (laughing): Oh, no. No squirrel.

Jackson: And rabbit. Some wild hog—

Anna: I think Cracker Barrel’s biscuits and gravy might be my favorite Southern food. With ketchup.

Jackson (clutches his chest): Anna Grace, there’s funny, then there’s crossin’ so far over the line you just moved yourself back to Canada.

Anna: Will you feel better if I confess to enjoying your momma’s fresh fried okra?

Jackson: Mite bit better. We’ll get you eating it without the ketchup one of these days too.

Amy: Jackson, has Anna picked up on the Southern dialect?

Jackson: You mean other than that time she was at my momma’s house right before the Iron Bowl when she—

Anna: Ahem. Sounds like you’re fixin’ to break that rule Amy set about spoilers.

Jackson (grins at her): Darlin’, you just said ‘fixin’ to.’

Anna: I might could’ve.

Jackson: You hear that twang in her voice, Miss Amy? We’re Southernizing her up right good. She almost blends right in at my momma’s house these days. Still haven’t got her up to speed on all the proper uses of ‘y’all,’ but I got faith in her.

Amy: What is next for the two of you?

Anna: Thanksgiving in Minnesota. We’re going snowmobiling with my family.

Jackson: Anna Grace is going snowmobiling. I’m fixin’ to be eating pie. Taking my own grits this year, though. Learned my lesson good last time we went to Canada.

Anna: Minnesota. And you’re not getting any pie if you can’t remember that.

Jackson: You still gonna warm up my hands and feet?

Anna (smiles at him): I suppose I love you enough to do that for you.

Jackson: I’ll warm yours up too.

Anna: Promise?

Jackson: Yes, ma’am.

AmyWhat do you want the readers to take away from your story?

Anna: That life and love are tough, but they’re also a lot of fun.

Jackson: And that you shouldn’t ever challenge Anna Grace to a game of redneck golf.

Anna: Or put a brass armadillo in the dishwasher.

Jackson: Or leave a Yankee lady alone in your kitchen with a label maker.

Anna: Or park over a bed of fire ants.

Jackson: Or fight with a Yankee lady over who gets to take her fish off the hook.

Anna: Or go to a Southern momma’s house and—

Jackson (clears his throat): What was that there rule about spoilers, Anna Grace?


Anna: Oh. Right. Guess they’ll have to read the book for that one.

Amy: Thank you so much for joining me today. I really appreciate it!  

Jackson: Pleasure’s all ours, ma’am.

* * * * *

Giveaway: If you would like to win a digital copy of Southern Fried Blues, leave a reply below and ask Jackson, Anna, or author Jamie a question. Giveaway ends Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 11:59 pm central time. Winner will be contacted via email and announced on the blog.

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6 thoughts on “Character Interview & Giveaway: SOUTHERN FRIED BLUES by Jamie Farrell

  1. I absolutely love it! Such a great interaction!! The story is wonderful and the characters are perfect… Except for Neil. He’s just a gutter snake.

    • Jackson: Yes, ma’am. My daddy taught me we don’t waste what we hunt. Can’t get Anna Grace to try it though.
      Anna: I eat deer meat. That counts for something, right?
      Jackson: You betcha, darlin’.
      Anna: Wait. Have you gotten a squirrel or a rabbit since I’ve known you?
      Jackson: Huh. Don’t reckon I have. Might could be I’m spending my hunting weekends with a pretty lady instead.

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