I just finished another Bible Study with some women from my local church. We read and studied No Other Gods – Confronting Our Modern Day Idols by Kelly Minter. What a great study! The writing was so easy and engaging. Kelly added commentary of situations in her own life that allowed you to get to know her and made the book more personal than a typical Bible Study. She also included recipes at the end of each week, so if you were able to study this book with some friends in your home, you could make those recipes and break bread with others.

NOGI learned a lot about myself during this time and what I consider as my modern day idols. The daily lessons were very easy to get through but not light or fluffy at all.  Like any Bible study you get out what you put in. There were some very deep days where I learned a lot about myself and what God might just have planned for my life. If you take the time to focus on each lesson you come away with so much. I enjoyed the Biblical references and the versus that Kelly chose to include in the study. They were relevant and the way she talked about them brought new meaning to me.

If you are looking for a change in your life, figure out how to focus on God, but not sure where to start, I recommend you try No Other Gods. It is a great study that you can do over and over at different times in your life and come away with more clarity and trust in God.

~ Reviewed by Amy ~

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About the Book:

Title: No Other Gods – Confronting Our Modern Day Idols
Author: Kelly Minter
Publisher: Leadership and Adult Publishing
Release Date: January 1, 2007
Category: Nonfiction, Bible Study
Source: Purchased through Local Church

Official Summary:

Our lives revolve around our deepest needs and greatest treasures. Relationships. Family. Financial security. Private hopes and dreams.

Most of our desires are healthy. Yet these longings can become passions we not only pursue, but worship. And while idol worship may seem like ancient history, we still face the modern-day equivalent version], as natural needs slowly consume our hearts and minds, competing with God’s rightful place in our lives.

“No Other Gods” offers a revealing look at the heart of a woman. Author Kelly Minter explores what happens when good desires become false gods, robbing us of an intimate relationship with our heavenly father.

So discover the freedom in surrender. The healing in worship. And the joy found in exchanging everyday gods for the one true God.

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