Review: RUMOR HAS IT by Jill Shalvis

If you like contemporary romance and haven’t read Jill Shalvis yet, you are missing out on some enjoyable, humorous, emotional, sexy books. Rumor Has It is the fourth book in the Animal Magnetism series and probably the best one yet.

rumor-has-it-200x326We get to follow Griffin and Kate’s love story in Rumor Has It. Griffin is Holly’s sister and Kate’s best friend. Holly happens to be marrying Griffin’s best friend Adam. If you have followed the series, Holly and Adam were the couple in Rescue My Heart. However, if you haven’t read this series yet, no worries. Each book is just as fun as a stand alone.

In real life I wouldn’t care much for a moody pain in the butt that Griffin is, but in a romance novel, heck yes, I love them. Especially when paired with a sweet, nice, but fiercely independent heroine like Kate. Kate doesn’t take Griffin’s crap, much to his surprise. It is one of he things he loves that about her.

I really, really liked the plot in Rumor Has It. Not just Griffin and Kate’s main plot but the other branches that include their families and friends. Jill did a fantastic job of weaving them all together and tying them up in a nice package at the end. She provides a lot of depth to the characters and creates some interesting conflict along the way. Rumor Has It is full of the great humor that you would expect in a Jill Shalvis book but also some serious drama that adds to the tone of the story.

As far as the romance between Griffin and Kate, I really liked the way this one played out. It was fitting for the characters and a great balance of the two of them circling each other and sharing some hot, sexy intimate times. They really balanced each other inside and outside the bedroom. I love it when the big, broody hero is brought to his knees by the heroine just caring for and loving him. I was particularly touched by the scenes in which Adam and Kate both took turns standing watch for Griffin in his worst of times.

Bottom line, Rumor Has It is an emotional journey full of laughter and tears as well as heart warming romance and tough life decisions. I recommend it to anyone who likes contemporary romance.

~ Reviewed by Amy

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About the Book:

Title: Rumor Has it (Animal Magnetism, #4)
Author: Jill Shalvis
Publisher: Penguin Berkley
Release Date: November 5, 2013
Category: Contemporary Romance
Source: ARC received from Publisher via NetGalley

Official Summary:

He’ll help unleash the new woman in her…

Special Ops soldier Griffin Reid doesn’t exactly have happy memories of growing up in Sunshine, Idaho. He’s only come back to recover from a war injury, and while he refuses to admit he’s in a weakened state, he finds comfort in the last person he’d expect.

Kate Evans teaches fourth grade science in Sunshine, the place she’s always called home. Dreaming of graduate school and a happily-ever-after, she’s desperate to break out of the monotony of Sunshine. Luckily, a certain sexy man has just come back into her life.

To Griffin, Kate as always been his little sister’s friend, but now he’s finding her to be so much more. As both attempt to forge their paths, they must decide if their passionate connection can turn into something lasting…

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