Review: SNOWBOUND WITH THE CEO by Shannon Stacey

It’s no secret that I love Shannon Stacey‘s books and Christmas novellas. Snowbound with the CEO is both. It is a fun, sexy, workplace romance and if you like that type of story, you should check this one out. Snowbound with the CEO takes place in the span of a couple of weeks and moves along at a great pace to go with that time frame.


Adrian and Rachel are boss and assistant and have known each other for about a year and a half, so the history and relationship is already there, which makes it easier for me to be okay with them becoming intimate so soon into the story. The two have been attracted to each other for some time but did not want to act on it because they work so well together in the business world and didn’t want to risk their jobs.

A winter storm has snowed them in at a very romantic hotel and whaddya know? They decide to take that next step and act on their attraction to one another. No clients and no one from the office is here, so why not? Merry Christmas to Adrian and Rachel indeed! Shannon keeps the intimate scenes light with a modest amount of description so there is more implied sex than too many details, which was just perfect for the tone of the story. You still feel the intense chemistry between Adrian and Rachel and the scenes were oh so sexy and romantic, too. Made me wish it was winter and my husband and I were snowed in somewhere.

When the weekend ends and Adrian and Rachel are back at the office on Monday, it makes for some awkward moments because they don’t really talk about what happened and what to do about it. We have all been in relationships where we assume we know what the other one is thinking and act on that instead of just talking it out with the other person. The same goes for Adrian and Rachel. Things get messy before the happy ever after. Shannon does a really nice job of developing the story and the characters in order to make it believable in such a short time frame.The epilogue brought it all together at the end and left you with a satisfied sigh. Snowbound with the CEO is a light, sexy, contemporary romance novel just in time for the Christmas season. Go pick up your copy today!

~ Reviewed by Amy

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About the Book:

Title: Snowbound with the CEO
Author: Shannon Stacey
Publisher: Carina Press
Release Date: November 4, 2013
Category: Contemporary Romance
Source: ARC received from Publisher via NetGalley

Official Summary:

Adrian Blackstone built a million-dollar business with hard work and determination—and by remaining professional at all times. Denying his longtime attraction to his beautiful executive assistant hasn’t been easy but it’s necessary. She’s indispensable, and he can’t stand the thought of losing her if things didn’t work out.

For more than a year, Rachel Carter has been quietly dreaming of all the ways she’ll never seduce her sexy, buttoned-up boss. She’s worked too hard to get where she is to cross that line, no matter how badly she’d like to act on her fantasies. But then a wicked snowstorm leaves them stranded in a romantic winter wonderland…

What begins as a single kiss and a few bad Santa jokes turns into a weekend full of breathless passion and hopes for something more. But with Monday comes a return to their complicated reality—and Adrian must prove that promises made are promises kept, especially at Christmastime.


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