Review: SOUTHERN FRIED BLUES by Jamie Farrell

This was a fun book. I couldn’t really relate to the characters situation in Southern Fried Blues by Jamie Farrell but I enjoyed it very much. I have never lived in the South, have no experience with anyone close to me while they were active in the military and know nothing about chemistry. However, Jamie was able to write the characters in a way that allowed me to relate to their emotions and feelings and understand why they tried to prevent themselves from getting hurt.

southern fried bluesIn Southern Fried Blues, we meet Anna who is newly divorced which came as quite a surprise to her. She thought she and Neil would be together forever.  As she tries to pull her life together and depend only on herself, along comes Jackson who has to rescue her from an infestation of fire ants in her car. She doesn’t like one bit that a dumb redneck had to help her out of the situation. As she and Jackson cross paths a few more times she realizes he isn’t the dumb redneck she first assumes. Jackson is interested in Anna, but doesn’t think he deserves love. If it didn’t work for the best man he knew (his Father) how could it work for him?

Jamie does a really good job of balancing all the plot lines and relationships in Southern Fried Blues. She never failed to surprise me either. Just when I thought a scene was going to end up playing out a certain way, it didn’t, which kept that Nook in my hand until the end of the book. All of the characters are very well developed and I couldn’t help but sympathize with many of them at different times and cheer with them when things went right. The thick Southern dialect in the book is quite interesting, and I found myself having to read a line over so this Midwesterner could figure out what they were saying.  This wasn’t a negative, as it enhanced the characters and the setting, I have just not read anything so southern. It made me realize how truly North I live compared to those in Georgia and Alabama.

Southern Fried Blues will have you laughing because of the banter between the characters, cheering on a strong heroine, and swooning over the very gentlemanly hero. Anna and Jackson try to keep things light and easy but when their hearts get involved they think it’s time to pull the plug on a relationship. Will they allow themselves to be vulnerable and loved?  If you like your contemporary romance served up with a military man, difficult family, crazy friends, biscuits, pie and a very sweet romance, I recommend you try Southern Fried Blues.

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About the Book:

Title: Southern Fried Blues
Author: Jamie Farrell
Publisher: Jamie Farrell
Release Date: August 29, 2013
Category: Contemporary Romance
Source: Copy received from Author

Official Summary:

A Yankee Lady Stuck in the South
Divorced wasn’t a label Anna Martin ever wanted.  Now she’s a thousand miles from home, underemployed, and lonely, but she’s squeezing this lemon life gave her and turning it into lemon meringue pie. Never again will she let any man—especially another military man—get in the way of her career.

A Southern Gentleman Military Officer
Jackson Davis believes in family, football, and Uncle Sam. He treats ladies right, takes his uniform seriously, and he loves his dog, but he doesn’t reckon he’s built for true love. After all, if a man good as his daddy couldn’t do it right, what chance does Jackson have?

One Undeniable Attraction
These two vulnerable souls are as different as cornbread and ketchup, but they fit together like sweet butter on hot biscuits. Short-term, they’re exactly what the other needs. But when their hearts get involved, they’re both gonna end up with a big ol’ case of Southern Fried Blues.

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