Review & Giveaway: UNCORKED by Rebecca Rohman

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Paulette’s Review:

In Uncorked,Chella Noon is set up by her friends with Mitch Mariani. The two as a couple have some great chemistry but their relationship is challenged by a psycho ex from Chella’s past. She has lived a shell of a life, constantly moving and finding it hard to set up roots due to the threat her ex has posed. Her chemistry and feelings for Mitch are causing her to rethink her life of solitude.

Mitch, company owner, hot guy, appears to be perfect for Chella. He wants to be Chella’s protector and that makes him even better. But Mitch has his own issues and secrets which can threaten their new relationship. Add into the equation a mother who is beyond belief in the way she treats the women Mitch dates, and it only complicates the situation further.

The book does have elements of suspense sprinkled throughout and at times you wonder what could possibly happen next. My problem was that it seemed to be a never ending issue. There were times when I was reading, thinking, “ok this has to be the climax”, but no, the story just kept going. I began to wonder how many possible issues Mitch and Chella would have to deal with. The repeated drama over secrets kept and trusting of each other just kept recurring too often.

I definitely did ride a rollercoaster of emotions with this book and there were certain characters I truly enjoyed. Unfortunately the ride just went a little too long for my liking. On the plus side, though I didn’t get the timeline, the long ride did allow for an epilogue that provided a great update and a perfect way to end the story.

Reviewed by Paulette

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About the Book:

Title: Uncorked 
Author: Rebecca Rohman
Release Date: February 26, 2013
Category: Contemporary Romance / Romantic Suspense
Source: ARC received from Author

Book Summary:

A Contemporary Romance with Elements of Suspense

Chella Noon’s life isn’t her own. Her success as a Marketing Executive in the cosmetic division of an international conglomerate is overshadowed by a series of tragic events from a decade ago. With no family, few trusted friends and years spent on the run, she opens herself up to the possibility of a future with a sexy new real estate investor despite escalating threats from a psychotic ex determined to torment her.

Mitch Mariani never met a deal he couldn’t close. So when Chella walks into his life, he will stop at nothing to prove he is worthy of her trust. But as Chella’s past catches up to them and danger exposes his well-guarded secrets, his heart may not be the only thing at risk of a tragic end.

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