Review: TANGLING WITH THE CEO by Annie Seaton

In Tangling with the CEO by Annie Seaton, Blake Buchanan and Anastasia Delaney get the opportunity to reconnect after 10 years.  The problem, 10 years ago Ana left without word to Blake, and now, without even knowing it, Blake will be taking over the little hometown hardware store Ana runs her restoration business from.   Despite their differences in opinion regarding business practices, a connection had always been simmering between them and it is fun to see how they reconnect.

TWTCEOThis book was such a fun, quick read. I always enjoy stories about second chances at love.  Both characters in this book are so likeable.  Ana, with her kindhearted nature and loyalty to those she cares for, is easy to cheer for. And Blake, well his good looks could be enough to make a girl swoon, but it was the care for his family that will truly warm you to him.

An unexpected highlight of this book is the supporting cast.  Ana’s childhood friends are supportive and funny. The local townspeople are just delightful.  But what I totally loved is the detail with which Seaton describes Blake’s nephews and niece.  You really get a feel for their personalities and you won’t be able to help yourself from falling in love with that little crew.

Tangling with the CEO is a sweet story that you can easily finish in one night.  It will give you that warm, fuzzy feeling you just need sometimes.  I read this book thinking of it as a stand alone novel, but I am wondering if Seaton is going to continue this as a Half Moon Bay series. If so, it would definitely go on my TBR list.

Reviewed by Paulette

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About the Book:

Title: Tangling with the CEO
Author: Annie Seaton
Publisher: Entangled Bliss
Release Date: December 9, 2013
Category: Contemporary Romance
Source: ARC received from Publisher

Book Summary:


Mixing business with pleasure never felt so right.Blake Buchanan and Anastasia Delaney were roommates in college and could never see eye to eye about anything. The only time their walls came down was during one night of passion before Ana left without a word, never expecting to cross paths with Blake again.

Years later, Blake has made his millions. He comes back to Ana’s small California town to manage a corporate takeover that will close down the home restoration business she’s poured her heart and soul into. The fiery Ana is determined to convince money-minded Blake of her business’s worth, but when a family emergency throws them together, their walls come tumbling down once again…

Problem is, Blake’s business-first position hasn’t changed. And Ana can’t fall for the man who could become her boss—it’s not only her job at stake, but her heart.

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