Interview & Giveaway: OFF THE EDGE by Carolyn Crane

Update – Congratulations to Brenda for winning a copy of one of Carolyn’s Undercover Associates Books! Thank you to all those who participated!

I had the privilege of interviewing a newish-to-me author, Carolyn Crane after reading the second book in her Undercover Associates Series. If you missed it, check out my review of Off the Edge here. In addition to getting to know Carolyn better, she is giving away a digital copy of either Against the Dark (Book 1) or Off the Edge (Book 2) to one lucky commenter (open internationally). So, don’t leave before commenting below!

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Interview with Carolyn Crane

Amy: Thanks for joining us at So Many Reads today, Carolyn! Will you tell us a little about yourself?

OffTheEdge-CarolynCrane-500x750Carolyn: Amy, thank you so much for having me. Okay, about myself. I live in a condo in Minneapolis with my husband, who is also a writer, and two cats. So we lead this bookish life. This new neighbor just moved downstairs and we were so excited to find he is a quiet lawyer. I work as a freelance advertising writer, too, so my days tend to be split between fiction and writing websites for various widgets etc. I’m kind of sporty–I love to run and do yoga, and I’m a freak about animals. Like, animals in peril. I want to save them all!

Amy: I am new to your books – have only read the first two Undercover Associates books – what else besides romantic suspense do you write?

Carolyn: My first books were urban fantasy, the Disillusionists trilogy, where the characters’ psychological problems (rage, hypochondria, gambling addiction etc.) get turned into crime fighting powers by a hot tortured mastermind. I also write this quirky series about computer code that brings jpeg images to life (Code of Shadows) and erotic romance writing as Annika Martin (taken hostage by hunky bank robbers.) Kinky ménage stuff!

Amy: Let’s talk about Off the Edge. How did you come up with the idea for this one? Specifically the linguistics part? That was awesome!

Carolyn: Thanks!  I wasn’t sure if it was too wonky for people, but the reaction has been so great. I think so many of us in the community are kind of word nerds. The kernel of the idea came from this scandal back in the 1990s, an anonymous author wrote this book about President Clinton, and a forensic linguist figured out the writer from comparing texts. I thought that was so cool. So, then I began this Undercover Associates series with the idea that my secret agents are really smart and good at specific things, using their brains as well as brawn to fight crime. I thought it would be fun for Macmillan to bust somebody by analyzing a document.

Amy: What was your favorite thing about the hero, Peter (Macmillian)?

against the darkCarolyn: I enjoyed his sense of humor. I loved writing his fun lines, and thinking about the way he uses humor.

Amy: What did you like most about the heroine, Laney?

Carolyn: I really got into the way she uses her own love of language to kind of bust the hero. To look inside him and understand him. She’s the one person he’s not fooling.

Amy: What was your favorite scene in Off the Edge and why?

Carolyn: That is such a good question. It would probably be when Macmillan discovers the truth about the villain by reading the text of a certain something something and he’s so surprised and freaked out. But I also liked the stocking scene by the dragon.

Amy: Do you have a favorite quote from the book?

Carolyn: This, from the naughty stocking scene: “Ow,” she said, breathing fast. Maybe she wasn’t getting enough air. She didn’t care, because it was good—so, so good. “Do it again.”

Amy: I think you have future books planned for the series, correct? Are you at a point that you can tell us anything about them? I am very intrigued by Rio…I am hoping he is in one of your books.

Carolyn: Rio is totally one of my favorite characters! I originally planned him for book #2, but I felt like I didn’t have the just-right idea for him and Peter Macmillan had all this energy. Rio might be book #5, though, because lately I’ve been toying with something for him.

Planned now:

Book #3 is about Thorne, and it features a secret baby.

Book #4 is likely about Zelda – I have an exciting idea for her.

Amy: What is your next release coming and when is it coming out?

Carolyn: I’m shooting for an Annika Hunky Bank robbers release this spring, followed by Associates #3 about Thorne. Though I’ve learned not to be too specific – for me, books take as long as they take.

Amy: Thanks so much for joining us today!

Carolyn: Thank you so much for having me! It’s been such a pleasure to drop by.

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Giveaway Details:

Carolyn is graciously giving away a digital copy of Against the Dark OR Off the Edge to one commenter.  To enter, just reply below with a question (or comment) for Carolyn! Giveaway will be open until 11:59 pm central time on Thursday, January 30, 2014. Winner will be notified via email and listed on blog.

11 thoughts on “Interview & Giveaway: OFF THE EDGE by Carolyn Crane

  1. Carolyn is an author I haven’t heard of before. I enjoyed reading this interview and getting to know you a bit, Carolyn! Do you have a favorite time of day to write?

    • Thanks for stopping by, Brooke! I happened upon Carolyn from two other authors. I tend to make my rounds with critique partners it seems. I find one that talks up their crit partner and then I read their books, and then the cycle goes on. I heard about Carolyn from both Jeffe Kennedy and Katie Reus. I love finding new authors!

    • Hi Brenda – and I agree! I tend to keep adding to my list. Sometimes I am afraid to look at it. At least now I add to it on GR and then go out and buy it when I am ready to read it so then it is easier on my pocketbook. My husband had to put me on a monthly book budget since I was downloading so many!

  2. Hello Carolyn! You are new to me so I haven’t read anything by you…yet. But I love romantic suspense stories with some action and it sounds like I will reading from your works pretty soon. 🙂 Thanks for saying something about yourself on this post.

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