Review: WAKE FOR ME by Iosbel Irons

In Wake For Me by Isobel Irons we get the interesting and mysterious story of Viola Bellerose. She is a wine heiress who is involved in an accident which leaves her in a coma. The only comfort she gets from the horrible nightmares which are plaguing her are the conversations from Sam. Sam is the intern on her case. The problem is that Sam has feelings for his comatose patient. Interestingly, he met her just prior to her accident and had a memorable kiss with her. Sam is conflicted on how to handle his feelings and his responsibility to Viola.

WFMThings get a little crazy from there. Viola’s parents both die in a car wreck. Then Viola almost dies while in the hospital. Luckily that event is what likely brings her back to consciousness. During her recovery she spends more time with Sam and feelings develop. But despite it all, crazy dreams keep coming to her and soon she is worried that everything that happened was not an accident.

I have to say this book was interesting. There was a definite element of suspence and honestly her dreams were all a little disturbing. But towards the end as everything is going down it really picks up and you can’t help but want to find out why. The plot twist truly was not what I had expected but fit really great.

A highlight in the story for me were the supplemental characters. Sam’s buddy Brady and the night time file clerk Julia interjected some great comedic moments into this story. Top it off with an ending the comes together nicely with a HEA, and you have an overall enjoyable read.

Reviewed by Paulette

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About the Book:

Title: Wake for Me (Life or Death Novel)
Author: Isobel Irons
Release Date: December 13, 2013
Category: New Adult
Source: Received from Author

Book Summary:

Meeting the man of your dreams can seem impossible–especially if you’re unconscious.

When 19-year-old winery princess Viola Bellerose has a fight with her “up and coming” Irish rock star boyfriend, she blows off steam in true diva fashion—by making out with a hot stranger in a bar and promptly crashing her Mercedes into the East River. Whoops.

Now Viola spends her days trapped inside the prison of her own body. When she isn’t eavesdropping on the private conversations of her hospital caretakers, Viola is lost in a world of vivid and terrifying dreams, in which a tall and brooding doctor appears in a sizzling romantic role.

First year intern Sam Philips is barely surviving his complicated life, juggling family drama, the pressure of looming exams, and competition with his fellow interns. His daily solace is the time he spends with his favorite patient, the young girl he’s nicknamed Sleeping Beauty. Convinced that Viola will eventually pull through and wake up, Sam spends hours at her bedside, telling her everything from the minute details of his day to some of his deepest secrets.

But what Sam doesn’t know is that his Sleeping Beauty is aware. That he’s the only thing still tethering Viola to reality. That she’s falling in love with him.

And what Viola can’t tell him, is that someone is trying to make sure she never wakes up.

Wake for Me is a standalone novel of NA/Adult Romantic Suspense, and also the first book in the Life or Death Series by Isobel Irons.

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