Reviewer Spotlight: Beth

Please welcome Beth, our newest reviewer to So Many Reads! She is our erotic romance lover here on the blog!

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How would you describe yourself to someone? 

So I asked my kids how they would describe me in an effort to get thoughtful about these questions from SMR.  Here’s what they said: “Hard-working. Awesome. Reader.” Ok, I can live with that.  They just forgot about the wife and mother part but oh well.

What are your favorite genres or sub-genres to read?

I read books that I refer to as “smexy”.  I like romance – primarily erotica.

Who are some of your favorite authors to read?

Jodi Ellen Malpas, Tara Sivec, Mimi Strong, Sylvain Reynard, Emma Chase, Tarryn Fisher and E.L. James. Of course there are many more…

Is there an author you discovered in 2013 that you want to tell everyone about?

This leads to my favorite book of 2013. Love Jodi Ellen Malpas and devoured her series called This Man. The whole series is published and the last one was amazing.

What book surprised you most in 2013?

Tangled by Emma Chase.  It’s written from a man’s perspective and it’s hysterical.  Loved that!

If you could meet any author tomorrow for lunch who would it be and why?

Well toss up – Either Tara Sivec because she’s insanely funny and I would read anything she wrote or will write, not limited to, her grocery lists or Heather Sosbee who is an indie author and has her first book out, because she’s in Iceland and I really want to go there.

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Thank you, Beth, for joining So Many Reads and hope that we will see more of your favorite authors on the blog this year!

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