Reader Survey – Part 2

Happy Friday! Today’s post is a continuation from my reader survey that I started last week. You can see Part 1 here. I hope Part 2 is just as insightful as the first one for you all. Please feel free to reply below and give us your comments or ask any questions.

Reader Survey Part 2

At the end of a long day of work or taking care of the kids or both, what compels you to sit down and read a book? What kind of promise do you look for in a book to make you choose *that* one to spend your precious free time with? And what makes a book a “keeper”?

So many of these readers replied with great descriptions of what makes a book a keeper, and after reading them all it seems they all want to escape reality. They want a story and/or characters they can connect with on a deep personal and emotional level. They want to live the story with the characters. They also want it to be exciting enough that they want to read it over and over.

What makes them pick a book to spend their time with? Excerpts, recommendations, and reading previous books in a series.

What is your perspective on price, and how much that plays into a buying decision? There are so many free and 99-cent books out there, wondering what it takes for a reader to be willing to pay “full price”.

If the readers have a favorite or known author they love then price is not usually an issue. They do like the free and 99-cent books for trying new authors or if their favorite author is trying a new genre. For some it depends on their current financial situation. Regarding digital books, most will not pay more than $4.00 for one. Some would rather buy a print copy for a couple dollars more. Bloggers and book reviewers often have more than enough free books coming to them so the urgency to pick up a full price book isn’t there. They can wait until it goes on sale. Some don’t have a problem with full price at all. One reader said because of her life situation she can get through more audio books and is willing to pay more for those.

If your favorite author came to town, would you go to a book signing?

It was an unanimous YES!

How far would you travel for a signing?

The response to this question varied. Some are not able to travel outside of town, some are willing to drive a couple hours, some up to six hours and still some fly to conventions like RomCom and RT. Most said up to a couple of hours away, though.

Do you go to authors’ websites, and if so, what do you want to see on those sites?

Those that said yes, would like to see a list of books – both current and upcoming and in order if a series. They like the buy links to be there as well. They also go to an author’s website to find new content and updates on appearances, signings, what the author is currently up to, etc. They like it when authors have blogs. Readers like to go to an author’s website to see extras such as pictures of characters, games related to the books, character interviews, deleted scenes, scenes from another characters point of view, family trees in a series, and monthly contests or giveaways. They also like to see if an author has any pages specifically for writers. The readers that said they do not go to an author’s website usually stay up to date with their favorite authors on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.

What do you think of bad reviews?

Readers said they don’t mind honest and constructive reviews, but they do not like mean or cruel ones. They will just ignore those. Some readers said that reviews are an individual’s opinion and you can’t take them all to heart (Gasp, since I am a reviewer!). 🙂 Those that review books were mixed in terms of who will write a negative, constructive review and who will not write a bad review.

What do you think of the New Adult category?

The reply from readers on this question was mixed. Some that are more mature in life have no interest. Some readers love it. Some wonder why this category has to be separated from regular adult romance. Some haven’t read it and have no comment one way or the other.

* * * * *

So, there you have it. I hope you found this fun reader survey helpful as I really enjoyed putting it together. Thank you for stopping by to read and thank you so much to all the readers that participated in this survey for me! Happy Reading!

4 thoughts on “Reader Survey – Part 2

  1. Amy, this was so interesting! I should do more on my website. I have tons of deleted stuff that I save. I should post them. And you gave me a blog idea for Monday on Magical. Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Amy! I agree, with Edie, I need to do more with my website/blog and you and your team have given me some great ideas – yay! And huge thanks. I also found the perspective on price interesting. I have a single title eBook coming out in July and since the publisher sets the price, there’s little I can do, but it’s more than $4.00. For little old me, I’m pretty worried about that. It will be available for print several months later, and I’m not sure what that price will be. (I should probably check on that, huh? See, newbie, here.) Anyway, thanks so much for doing the surveys and sharing the results. I really appreciate it!

    Have a great weekend!

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