So we are at the fifth of six installments of the Master of the Opera Serial romance. A Haunting Duet by Jeffe Kennedy is a doozy. Is that a word? What I mean by a doozy is that there is a lot of stuff going down in this one. The intimacy is amped up quite a bit as is the drama and creepiness of some characters. We are starting to know what the Sanclaro family is really like and well, it freaks me out a bit. Let’s just say the title is very fitting for the story.

20707631Christine changes a lot in this one. The way she sees herself is a lot different. Master has made her a new woman. One who has gained confidence and isn’t going to stand by and let people use her. She is going to take things into her own hands and I really like this about her. Not that I saw her has overly weak before, but maybe more unsure of herself and what was going on in her life. I so enjoy the sincere love Master has for Christine and vice versa. I sure hope it ends up the way I want. Roman is showing his true colors in A Haunting Duet and let me tell you, they are not the ones I would want to color with. Sorry if that is a spoiler, but I think we all saw it coming.

Jeffe has continued this Master of the Opera serial in a way that keeps the readers engaged in the story and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next and final act. I just know that after I finish the next one I will want to go back and read it all again just to see things differently!

Reviewed by Amy 3

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About the Book:

Title: A Haunting Duet (Master of the Opera, Act 5)
Author: Jeffe Kennedy
Publisher: Kensington
Release Date: March 6, 2014
Category: Erotic Romance
Source: ARC received from Publisher via NetGalley

Book Summary:

In the fifth erotically charged installment of Jeffe Kennedy’s scorching Master of the Opera, a daring young woman follows her reckless desire for the perfect lover—to the point of no return. . .

He is more than just the man of her dreams. He is the master of her destiny. A mysterious masked stranger who haunts the darkened tunnels beneath the Sante Fe Opera House, the Master is like no other lover Christy has ever known. He has lured the beautiful intern to the very brink of ecstacy—and beyond. He has pushed the boundaries of her sensuality and tested the limits of her passion. But now the Master wants more. If Christy accepts his challenge, she must be willing to go further than she’s ever gone. She must surrender to his every desire. She must submit to his every command. She must expose herself body and soul—or bear the scars of a broken heart forever. . .

Tonight is the night she must make a choice: to free herself from one man’s obsession. . .or bind herself to him for life

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