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Happy Friday all! I am starting a new feature / type of post (what do you call it?) on the blog monthly called Blogger Love.

One of the best things in the writing world for me has got to be the relationships I have formed over the past few years. The authors, readers, publishers, bloggers and many others have made this experience so much fun.

Because I am a blogger myself, I have a soft spot for other bloggers and want to share some of those blogs with you. Some have taught me how to navigate the book blogging world and how to work with authors and publishers. Some have taught me about certain features on blogs and what might work best for me. Some of just simply offered me their friendship. And some I may not know personally but their blogs have thoroughly entertained me. So, once per month you will see a Blogger Love post where I feature a different blog that has touched me in some way. Stay tuned!

Do you have a favorite blog you follow? What makes it a favorite?

9 thoughts on “Blogger Love

    • Me too, Mary Anne! I think almost all of mine are books, except for the family and friends that I knew before they started blogging. 🙂

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