Review: DRIVE ME CRAZY by Tracy Wolff

Drive Me Crazy is the second book in Tracy Wolff’s Shaken Dirty Series. I often wonder if I will enjoy the other books when I so loved the first book, and in this case the answer is YES!!

18806012In this book we get Quinn’s story. In his younger days he was a classical pianist and his favorite rival was Elise. They often pranked each other, looked out for each other, and as teenagers, fell in love with each other. After their first and only time together, Quinn’s life gets in the way and out of fear he leaves Elise without any other word or contact.

The story picks up ten years later and Elise has just endured a horrific accident which has added to her loss. Ten years ago she lost the man who she swore owned her heart, and now, she has essentially lost everything else she had left. Imagine her surprise finding Quinn back in her life. Quinn is determined to help Elise with her recent trouble. Despite Quinn’s rockstar status, he is still the prankster Elise fell in love with. They share a passion for their music and a chemistry that is off the charts HOT!!! Finding their way back to each other was almost too easy but of course there are some mistakes made along the way, thankfully none of them had me wanting to throw my e-reader.

I love Wolff’s writing. She really engages you not only in the story but the characters themselves. In all honesty I have to say I love her ability to create amazing imagery for the sex scenes, WOW!! I will never look at piano benches or eat chocolate ice cream the same way ever again.

What is wonderful is that Quinn really does not come across as your typical rocker in this book. You don’t get much concert or groupie craziness in this story either but more the background of what happens when the band is not touring. Oh, but you definitely get the very hot tattoed rocker look with Quinn.

While Elise and Quinn’s story can be read as a stand alone I highly recommend you read the books in order, so read Crash Into Me first. It is Ryder and Jamison’s story which I loved. Wolff does an amazing job of intertwining the band’s story into the love story and the band’s story does follow from the first book. As I love this series and I love Wolff’s writing, I definitely recommend this book. The cover alone makes the book worthy of being read.
hopefully there will be more Shaken Dirty stories to come very soon.

Reviewed by Paulette

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About the Book:

Title: Drive Me Crazy (Shaken Dirty, #2)
Author: Tracy Wolff
Publisher: Entangled Brazen
Release Date: February 24, 2014
Category: Contemporary Romance
Source: ARC received from Publisher

Book Summary:

His rival’s in his bed, and this rocker is ready to play.

Former rivals Quinn Bradford and Elise McKinney are not friends, at least not anymore. As teens, all they cared about was psyching each other out before concerts. But when Quinn—now the keyboardist for Shaken Dirty, the hottest rock band on the scene—returns to his hometown and hears about the car accident that shattered Elise’s career, he’s determined to make things right.

Elise wants nothing to do with an arrogant rock star, despite how bad she so clearly wants him, so Quinn kidnaps the stubborn little piano player and whisks her back to his mansion. A little seduction might be just the thing to keep Elise under his care…and in his bed. But amid pranks both childish and very adult, their past comes rearing back to haunt them. And it might be more than either of them can forget.


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